My favorite way to overcome sales objections

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One of my favorite ways to close someone Is to just say whatever thing they said They're struggling with that they're not Sure about you just say hey in a Hypothetical world where that didn't Exist would you say yes and whatever it Is if that thing doesn't exist and they Say sure then you literally now have Only one thing you need to solve to get The sale right so if you're tired of Having people give you obstacle after Obstacle after obstacle you just say hey If you had the time would you do it if They say yes and it's like cool let's Figure out how to get you the time right And then you can solve one problem and Make the deal the same thing is hey if Your wife were on board would you do it Okay cool then what would we need to do To figure out so she wouldn't be worried About it right so whatever the thing is You just say hey in a hypothetic world That didn't exist would you do it cool And then you can close the one isolated Variable to get the deal done

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