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What’s up you beautiful people welcome Back to another video i wanted to share How amazon has created a customer Flywheel and how you can build your own Client flywheel for your funnel agency And so if that’s something that you’re Interested in i post videos like this Weekly make sure you subscribe like this Video because every like means another New video so let’s dive in [Music] And i’m gonna share with you first how Amazon built their flywheel and like i Said then you can follow that model it And actually let me show you the final Client flywheel that you can build for Yourself but first amazon they started Selling books i don’t know if you know This they started selling books then They expanded into other product ranges And what they did when they expanded Obviously they were adding new products Right so by adding new products they got More customers coming to them and then Their next focus to get this flywheel in Motion was to improve the customer Experience and to make people more happy So that they could share the good word So that they would share it with their Friends and family right So think about this you got more Products better experience what ends up Happening is obviously getting more Traffic right so that’s the third thing

That happened was product range Increased customer experience up leveled And then organic traffic increased as Well as a natural cost this is just Cause and effect input output very basic Stuff but what also ended up happening What they did was they focused on Convenience that’s what truly got them More traffic and that’s you know one Thing that they did was faster shipping Better customer support better products Lower prices so now you have product Range experience which leads to more Traffic that also attracts more sellers So this flywheel doesn’t work if one Link is missing but when you have all These things the flywheel starts going In motion and the the better you make These areas right the faster the Flywheel goes because they had more Increased sellers they had lower cost Because of free market you have people Competing on price they decreased the Prices and that obviously also attracted More customers so now you have low Prices And then increased sellers so you have a Bigger product range as more people Started selling on amazon and it wasn’t Just them selling books They had all these people competing About the customers that got there which Means new products and that increases You know together with convenience a

Better customer experience And with that comes more traffic because Now we have more products at lower price Faster shipping so now you all you know Again get more increased sellers because Now that’s the cool place that’s what You know where everybody wants to be and So more traffic is free traffic so you Know sellers go there they put up their Products they want to compete lower Pricing you can see how the flywheel Takes effect right again back to product Range so how do you do this can make the Business grow without you on autopilot By just building this flywheel and this Is what i teach in full-time funnel Design if you want to learn more link is In the description over 100 videos now Design copy get clients build this Client flywheel and a lot more this Actually one of the playbooks there so First thing we’re going to focus on is Getting dream clients what is a dream Client someone who can afford you Someone who has an existing business They have some experience in this space And they want to use funnels to scale up And they want to hire you for that Specific role they don’t want you to do All the marketing they don’t want you to Save their business and just come in and Pay you 500 to run everything that’s not A dream client so you get like a dream Client a high paying premium client then

You focus on increasing their experience If they hire you for a beautiful branded Visually designed like beautiful funnel That’s what you give them and that way You have a great experience they have a Great experience but if they hire you to Do copy design for conversion and a lot Of split testing that’s what you’re Going to give them if that’s what you Offer so this alignment is very Important by doing that by focusing on That and not getting distracted you Increase the client experience so now What happens now they wanna buy from you Again for the other products and offers So you have upsells then you have client Referrals because they have a network Their peers their friends they’re like i Said you leverage the client network to Get more clients this comes only if you Have client experience right so client Experience leads to client referrals and Upsells which is purchase frequency you Sell more often you get paid more and Then you can get client testimonials Because they’re happy you can add that To your portfolio and you can create Content you can create case studies you Can post testimonials to get more Clients and because this client Recognized this this design attracts This new client you get more of these Dream clients the more funnels you have In your portfolio the better looking

They are the more data you have and so Now you can get more clients and again You focus on better client experience Because now you have more experience so Now you can give the next client a great Experience a better result by doing that They will need more upsells they would Refer you to more people this is Happening for me already so i’ve built This funnel client and scaled it to Multiple six figures from just building Funnels not including courses and Coaching and because i get referrals i Get testimonials i post those and Sometimes i just post the design the Visual design and people reach out they Want to hire me to to get something else In their mind they go i want something Like that and there’s a lot of these Funnel designers out there i want this Person and that will reach out and That’s when you follow the closing Script that i give you in full-time Funnel designer but that’s basically it So if you’re thinking about how to get Clients i wish i could show you Everything in this workbook but a lot of This is for for the students what i want You to take away is this How can i just become really good at What i do and eliminate everything else When i do that how can i get more people To see what i just built okay on Facebook i have 5 000 friends just going

To go into groups add people who are in My target audience and show it to those People i’m going to be consistent with It if i don’t have clients i’m going to Build concept funnels i’m going to Create a concept funnel visually lay it Out on a graphic design post it on Facebook and then get those people to See it but i’m not gonna wait there for People to message me i’m gonna add more People build more funnels post more Funnels and i’m gonna set this flywheel In motion and that my friends is how you Get consistent clients uh like clockwork And like i said if you want to learn More how we do that make sure you join Full-time funnel designer with Clickfunnels 2.0 coming out we are on Fire i’ve spent over six months just Creating this one playbook to simplify Simplify simplify lay out a path from Zero to 100k which is also inside of This funnel clients playbook you can see It here high ticket funnel clients Playbook build a 10k month funnel agency From scratch in as little as 90 days or Less without doing sales calls or Sending out proposals yes 99 of clients come from dm close-in uh People message you you building your Personal brand your portfolio getting Clients building this flywheel that’s it Make sure you subscribe see you in the Program hit the post notification thing

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