My tribute to my best friend… Dave Woodward. “I’ll see you in heaven…but not too soon.”

Study the hero's journey there are seven Character archetypes one of those Archetypes is the Ally the Ally is a Character who assists the hero in their Adventure because any Adventure worth Pursuing is too difficult for one person To overcome alone Frodo had Sam wise Gamji Joseph Smith had Hiram and I had Dave Woodward Dave is the greatest example I've ever Known he's an amazing wife who loves him He's great kids who adore him he built a Company that's changed lives of millions Of people around the world and he passed Away true to his fate he won and now Because of Dave we all have a standard To live up to Dave was one of the best Ever I know that because I saw it every Single day day in and day out day in and Day out I saw him as he lifted the Burden off my shoulders and took it upon His shoulder so that I could do what he Thought was important he just knew there Was something bigger and for him it all Tied back to God it tied back to Christ Things were never about him is always About the people that he was around Starting with his family and then with The community and with other people for Dave who helped build what we have here Most of you guys wouldn't be listening To this you wouldn't be here you would Be part of this community they

Sacrificed so much for all of us and I'm Grateful for him I love him I miss him I Cannot wait to see him again someday Foreign

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