Napoleon Hill said this is the FIRST step to success… 🤯

Hey I spent ten thousand dollars on eBay To buy an original first copy of Napoleon Hill's magic ladder success This is based on a presentation he gave Around the world over a hundred thousand People how to be successful and inside This book he lays out 16 rungs of a Ladder to be successful I'm gonna talk About the very first one right now which Is a definite aim the first step in Success is figure out exactly what you Want not just what you want after you Have a definite aim you also need a Definite plan actually achieve that Thing my first question for you is do You have a deaf name do you know the Thing you actually want to achieve and Number two is do you have a definite Plan to actually achieve that Napoleon Hill in this book says that 95 percent Of people don't even have a definite Name that's the first step here inside Of the magic ladder to success

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