No Sales In Your Business? // 5 Steps to Increase Your Funnel Conversions

Five different reasons why your phone is Not converting your website isn’t Converting your landing page isn’t Converting i’m gonna go through Copywriting design principles and all These changes you can make to your page To your site to your funnel right now to Increase your conversions get more leads Get more sales get more clients whatever It is for you so by the way before we Dive in make sure you subscribe i’ve Built over 400 funnels on this channel i Share with you the mistakes that i’ve Seen from hundreds of funnels so that You can make better funnels make more Money and live free in your business so Let’s go back to The video number one not being clear in Your copywriting so there’s three main Things that people have to know within Seconds landing on your on your page so Number one what’s the outcome i’m Getting number two was the package it Comes in and number three how much is it Is it free the package is it a challenge Is it a webinar another webinar you know Like what’s the package it comes in and Then what’s the outcome how’s it going To help me so i’ll give you an example For an example here’s a client that i Built a funnel for a pretty simple page But the messaging was the most important Part which is helping businesses grow Fast with our leverage relational

Capital so that is helping business Owners do what scale how with his Leverage relational capital then we have My funnel agency the new one where i Help course creators and we build fully Automated course funnels you know what’s In it for them well the funnels that we Build for you generate you passive Income because we do all the work for You and we sell digital products okay Another example my 37 funnel template Bundle plug and play my 37 highest Converting sales funnel templates that Are proven to hurt clicks into cash even If you’re techie blah blah so that’s the What’s in it for you as a person Visiting the page so we’ll do one more Example Click funnels for entrepreneurs who Haven’t made a cent with an online sales Funnel i’ll give you step-by-step funnel Building secrets for free so you can Finally build and launch your first Funnel okay then you go down here And you can see everything that’s Included and you can even see how it Comes packaged who it’s for what’s the Outcome and how much is it right so it’s Free plus shipping okay that’s the first Thing and you’ll see more examples as we Go through these because i have a lot of Different tabs and examples so make sure You stick to the end number two not Trusting the overall branding so let’s

Say even your copy is on point but if They’re not trusting the brand if it Doesn’t look like it’s 20 Or 2023 whatever you know whenever You’re watching this if it looks like It’s a 1990 you know infomercial in 22 Like nobody’s gonna buy from that page So for example i just you know google Plumbing ugly landing pages and i found This one no offense to but you know let’s Be honest it’s not looking too good over Here like it’s a little bit all over the Place like this is why we use sales Funnels especially with ads so you can Target one specific group of people and It’s just one offer we’ll go back to the Notes Looking like 1990 infomercial no Personality or theme so i’ll give you an Example that’s even better than this one This one is a perfect no it’s missing Personality but we’re getting one step Closer to clean looking landing page so We have uh who it is what they do who They do it for how to get a free quote So there’s an offer it’s just one offer It’s not like a hundred different things And so it’s clear communication And the design is like is better than You know this then we take it one step Further we add personality a person Smiling you know there’s one thing you Know free estimate book online today

There’s one call to action you got the Phone number if you want to call them You know it’s getting better another Example of how to do this in another Industry is again adding that Personality congruency with branding Clear you know communication I think i got one more here best Solution for every house problem book Now we built for your comfort so like we Got some branding in here and i’m not Saying this is a perfect branding either For like local construction plumbing That sort of stuff but it’s better than You know this sort of Mess no offense again here’s another Example though we go back here what do We want we want clear communication then We want brand trust we don’t want it to Look like a 1990 infomercial we want a Personality or theme throughout the page And then we want the colors and fonts And images Okay so you know again shout out to Photography for creators kyle and andrew Love their stuff i built this funnel and You can see that you know what’s the Theme got a few colors light background We got images we have the before and After we have a clean background and Again you can see the theme throughout Is pretty consistent you know there’s Not a lot of surprises even when you Come down here we keep following the

Same theme you know it’s pretty simple Got the personality the theme you know It looks modern colors fonts images all That but Even if you have communication and Design and branding and trust You still want to You know you want to have the persuasion Strategies in place as well such as Proof of work uh authority credibility And you know show results so number one This will hurt your conversions if you Don’t have any examples of your work it Could be visuals could be data maybe Testimonials Uh reviews backstory from ceo Basically people need to trust you and Then you know they need to see that you Know what you’re doing also that you’re Able to help other people you know in Fitness this you know pretty traditional Proof of work where it’s like hey i help This person lose weight or help this Person build muscle right like that’s One way to do it So you know let’s again go back to this One what’s one way to say we know what We’re talking about You know before and after slider that’s One way of saying You know this is what it looked like and Now it’s looking like this before And after then we scroll down We have testimonials from people another

Question with these testimonials could Be how do we make the testimonial Section even better more credible more Real and then we could look at something Like this where we have people’s faces They’re smiling they look relatable it’s Not perfect images and it kind of feels Like hey this is Someone i would trust and it looks legit And so that’s way one way to build more Trust by adding images into your pages So i’m kind of picking you a lot of Different funnels that i’ve built and Some of these like i’ve you know said Like google the plumbing and stuff and Just kind of showing you how to think so That you look at your business and you Say okay what are some things that i can Do to get better communication get Better brand trust branding overall Design white space the font some Congruency both from the ad the social Media content to the landing pages but Also on the pages and different you know Front-end backend and all the pages in Between another thing that i don’t want To forget i’ll just use this one as an Example because i have it here Is you know clients that you work with This could also be a pr section where You’re like been featured here here and Here and you’ll be featured for my work So that’s the next thing number four Design hierarchy this is probably where

People mess up the most after Communication so white space contrast And text size and spacing all uh i think I’ll use this one as an example a lot of People use the mistake of having a Background image that’s too visual and You lose the contrast and so like you Lose the text either from having the Image too visible or sometimes by having The color be something that’s hard to Consume on that particular background Could be a specific type of red color in The text that is hard to Read and have to suit like i have to Really focus my eyes to be able to see What the text says specifically if it’s A smaller text sub headline or or Paragraph so you want to be very careful With your design to make sure that you Know you have you have a lot of white Space you give it space to breed i wish I could show you an example I guess i could here oh yeah like okay So is this easy to read this right here No overtime charges to our appointment Windows like i didn’t even read this in My preparation for this video or as i Went through it because it’s not a great Use of contrast you know separating the Text from the background and even here Denver’s plumbing professionals like red On this background it’s not a good Choice and then final thing is the Probably the most important thing which

Is the offer you can have a pretty you Know decent looking funnel decent copy If the offer is really good and you have Like risk reversal you have a Probably the most common one that you See depending on what industry you’re in Is uh you’ll see Some type of offer stack so we’ll do Let’s let’s use the clickfunnels one for This so you’ll see something like this Like a 3d mock-up bundle of like Everything that you get this is an offer But it’s also the visual communication Of what’s included the likelihood of People buying this Goes up because of the perceived value Like i’m getting all of this because Your brain as you scroll through you’re Gonna get this you’re gonna get this You’re gonna get this like you can only Remember so many of them so you’ll let Your remember like out of 20 different things you’ll remember like Three or four you know the last one but An offer is so much more than just i’m Gonna give you a bunch of crap like That’s not what an offer is so let’s Take a look at this one for example And then compare it to maybe this one One funnel away but there’s a link to Both of these i really like this one Specifically your first funnel because You get 30 days free access to click Funnels which by the way if you look at

The first thing here what’s the outcome What’s the package and how much is it The package for your first funnel is 30 Days free clickfunnels trial that’s the Main thing they’re leading with and then You get like implementation coaching you Get like 100 different funnel templates A t-shirt like you get all this training Tony robbins and then kennedy and just a Bunch of things that you need To be successful with the 30-day click Funnels trial right but then You have this from the same company and It’s a hundred dollars but it’s a Challenge it comes packaged in a Different format it’s a challenge where You follow along for 30 days day one you Do this they two you do this and so Think about how people buy some people They’re like you know i’ve been confused For years and i just want clarity so I’ll spend the next 30 days launching my Funnel with click funnels the one finale Challenge perfect love it and then Someone else like me would probably be More like hey Just give me everything i need and i’ll Spend the weekend building everything Out like i don’t care you know i’m Hungry to do it and i need it done Yesterday so i’ll just i’ll figure it Out i you know i have the support if i Need it the coaching the implementation Coaching great but just give me you know

Some time third days for free and and The t-shirt i’m happy with the t-shirt If you send me the t-shirt you know and So it’s different buyers for different Hooks you position it from a different Form of the packaging to attract Different people through different Formats so That’s one way to offer as well that’s Why i’m adding in here so it’s one way To Present your offer in the way you Package it the wrapping paper but then We have a risk reversal so For example let’s do uh mine for example It’s a money back plus 200 guarantee And it’s because i know my program Works and so I’m able to offer this because uh the Amount of people who take advantage of Me and just like use me are none because It’s not just like hey here’s free money You buy it and then you ask for a refund No it’s it’s like hey show me your Portfolio like show me the funnels that You built to see If it worked like did you use the system Did you implement it or did you just Take advantage of me but me adding this In there increases the conversions and It’s actually been increasing my Conversions and i’m proud to have that In there because we know that our Product and our program works then we

Have um Another one for a funnel agency lab if You scroll down which is our mastermind You’ll see our guarantees we’ll work With you until you double your Investment so that’s one way to reverse The risk the goal is to get you to 10k In 90 days but it takes you a few more Weeks won’t leave you alone we’ll Continue after the 90 days for free Until you at least double your Investment with us that way there’s no Risk for you and joining you know you Have our coaching guidance until you Made a 200 percent return so planner Let’s get in another example is we’ll go Down to the the bottom at your first Funnel And we’ll see what they have because They always have like great guarantees And stuff my ludicrous triple guarantee Guarantee number one 30 day money back Guarantee guarantee 2 30 day support for Success 33 my i iron clad 365 day Guarantee bill and launch as many files As you would like for a full 12 months At the end of 12 months if you’re not Satisfied then i’ll still return your Initial investments that’s crazy And then we have One funnel away I think it’s 30 days money back Guarantee as well is there guarantee of Course you know if for some reason you

Don’t like it we’ll uh give your money Back guarantee full refund in 30 days so That is how to risk reverse or reverse The risk for people to take you up on Your offers another way to do it would Be i’ll just work with you until you Made your money back so it’s there’s no Risk like you don’t have to do the extra All the time but obviously it increases Your chances of conversion one thing to Keep in mind is also not to promise Something that requires you to spend a Lot of money you know if it’s a physical Product or something or like a huge team Where it’s done for you so the last Thing is exclusive urgent or social Status so this could be you know some People use this in nft projects where It’s like invite only masterminds Usually do this as well because it’s Exclusive you don’t want everyone to Join you want certain type of people to Be in there event tickets we do you know With clients where i do event funnels we Do like slow price increases product Creators and course creators we do Launches we do beta programs more Affordable and we increase the price so That there’s urgency and scarcity once a Month-ish i do small discount code here For full-time funnel designer And that’s also like exclusive discount And it’s it’s urgent and it’s like Ethical scarcity because it’s not like

Fake So that is it hopefully that helps if You have any questions on this or if you Have a topic of these five that you want Me to dive deeper into let me know just A quick recap number one is Communication what’s the outcome i’m Getting what’s the package it comes in And how much is it number two is Branding not trusting the world branding Looking like 1990s infomercials no Personality or theme colors fonts images Number three is no proof of work results So like testimonials reviews backstory From ceo examples of work visuals data Number four design hierarchy white space Contrast text size and spacing number Five offer an offer instead of just a Product create this bulletproof offer That people would feel stupid say no to Like alex mosey says number two an offer Is risk reversal make it a no-brainer And then number three exclusive urgent Or social status so it’s uh it feels Special buying your thing and people beg To pay you money that’s it i’ll see you Next time

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