One of My Fundamental Laws of Business

Fortune is made in better not new I made A bet with the founder of the biggest Company in our portfolio before we Decided to do a deal with him they Wanted to go in this new Direction with A new product and so he's like hey this Thing's going to be awesome and they'd Already built all this stuff and they Were ready to release it and I really Felt that it was going to be a terrible Idea you survey your clients before you Launch it and you put your offer against My offer if my offer wins we do the deal If my offer doesn't win go on your Separate way my offer versus their offer Had one specific difference their offer Was this entirely new thing that they Were really into my offer was more help On the thing they had already sold the People guess what the result was 85 Percent of the customers their entire Base said they just wanted more help With the first product they had sold Them and so that teases out one of my Fundamental laws of businesses that the Best thing to sell people is more of What they've already bought

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