One of the Best Hacks if You’re on a Diet

You're on a diet or you're trying to Lose weight or get in shape one of the Best hacks for being social while being On a diet is doing a pre-dinner or a Pregame instead of saying like oh how am I going to make this menu work at the Sushi place with all these carbs you Just have all the protein that you need Before you go there and then all you Have to worry about is getting one tiny Dish of whatever because you already got All your other macros hit and you saved Enough calories for that thing and that Way you go to dinner you're not like oh I'm on a diet I can't eat because you Already hit all the main stuff that's Harder to get at a restaurant on your Own at home and save a little bit of Money too because then you don't have to Order the double steak or the double Chicken for 25 extra

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