Overview of General Settings in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn more about the Overview Of General Settings In ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In today’s video we’re going to be Talking about the settings in your Clickfunnels account and specifically Setting up your general workplace Settings You can access your settings in your Account by clicking on the settings tab On the left hand side of your screen This will defaults the general settings Tab but if you find yourself affecting Other settings in your account you can Go back to the general settings tab by Clicking on the word General In the pop-up menu that will appear in When you click on the settings Now let’s discuss some of the settings That you can adjust in this in the General settings of your account Starters you’re going to update your Workspace name right now our workspace Name is called clickfunnels Academy and We’ll believe it like that but you can Change yours to anything that you’d like We do recommend that your workspace name Be descriptive as this can help you to Better find it if you have several Workspaces going at the same time Similarly you can update your workspace Logo icon

Draw this from your image gallery which Is we’ll discuss in another video The workspace logo icon Appears on the left hand side of your Screen at the top This workspace logo icon is a click Funnels workspace logo icon but you Should choose one that is in keeping With your branding Recommended dimensions of the workspace Logo icon are 320 pixels by 100 pixels You can enable billing the payment Method types once you’ve got payments AI Setup completed we’ll discuss that in Another video Your workspace and site subdomain is the Subdomain that will appear before Myclickfunnels.com in you your account And on pages and uh funnels that you Have not yet set up a custom domain for Subdomains must be unique so that you Don’t show up on someone else’s page but Apart from that you can set up your Subdomain to be anything that you’d like You can choose a currency for your Funnel currently clickfunnel supports The US dollar the Canadian dollar and The euro You can also optionally set up an order Number prefix and suffix these will Appear before your order number on Receipts And in your order tracking In the order section of your account

Finally you can set up team settings This lets you choose a team logo and a Team name For now though we’ll go back to the General settings Once you’ve completed the changes you Would like to make click update Workspace To finish your session of setting up Your settings and to save your changes That’s all for now if you have any Questions or concerns please reach out To our excellent tech support team or Check out other Academy documents or Videos for more information We’ll see you soon have a great day.

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