Owning a froyo store

Frozen your Source make between 750 and 800 000 a year the average Menchie Zone Earth makes ninety three thousand Dollars a year not as sexy as I thought It was when I was trying to get into it I thought eight hundred thousand a year That means I make 800 000 a year I'm Gonna Be Rich doesn't really work that Way and it's also a business that has Variable costs that are high so the more Yoga people buy the more actual cost of Goods that you have in order to fill on It the average store that we're talking About is 21.91 a day in Revenue what Does that mean in owner pay means 328 Dollars a day in owner pay and so when You walk in you're like man these guys Must be printing money well you've got Strawberries that are going bad machines That are breaking in the back car cost Of yogurt a retail lease that's nice Prominently located with good signage Good Foot traffic good traffic in front Of it ample parking if you wanted to buy Into a franchise most franchises have Six percent ish that goes straight to Them like there's lots of other things That go into this business

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