People want to have an excuse

People really want is they want to have An excuse for why they aren't successful So most people who are poor look at rich People and try and find a reason that They can excuse themselves for not being Successful and then say no it's not me It's my circumstances it's not me it's Other people and I think that if you can Eliminate circumstances and other people From your list of reasons that you Weren't successful then you only have One left which is you and then you can Get to work but you have to admit you Have a deficit before you can fill it And some people don't believe the world Works that way if that belief serves you Keep believing it you know a lot of People will say like well you you were Lucky you're born in the United States Or you're born to you know a parent that Ate for you to eat and have shelter and Whatever if you didn't and I'm not Saying that that is the situation that I Had but like it doesn't matter like my Situation is irrelevant to you why does What happened to me matter in any way in Terms of how you make decisions about How you live your life it doesn't

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