Phonesites VS Clickfunnels 2.0 ? My honest opinion.

Hey it’s Jake Duvall here with rank Jake And Loans Realty Elite so I’ve been Meaning to do this video for a long time This is going to be an all-out review on Phone sites okay if you’re interested in A free trial okay there’s no gimmicks There’s no a dollar to try it or Anything like that uh if you’ve been Wondering and been curious about you Know how to start building funnels for Small businesses maybe you have a small Business that you’re looking to kind of Kick off your online promotions and Marketing There’s no better way to do it than Phone sites it just it doesn’t get any Easier uh if you’ve looked at click Funnels I mean it’s it’s kind of a Nightmare to be honest with you it’s Just It’s very confusing it’s complex it’s All over the place uh I literally have a Sleeping child on my shoulder right now And and you know this isn’t the first Time this has happened obviously I’ve Got four kids so I’m looking for Something when I was shopping for a Funnel Builder I needed this I needed something simple I needed something that I could Ultimately build a funnel with with one Hand using my phone and that’s exactly What phone sites is I mean as you can See I mean I’ve only had phone sites for.

I believe I’ve been a member for about Two maybe a year and a half two years And it’s no exaggeration that phone Sites has changed my life look at these Leads right here 1450 leads all right This doesn’t even count the leads where Ultimately I just sent them to a landing Page on my Um my UWM account because I am a Mortgage broker and some of these leads I would use Phone sites as a squeeze page and Ultimately The Squeeze page would not be collecting Lead information I would literally just Be using it for a pixel if you know what That is it’s simply a line of code right That you put into a landing page so that You can retarget that audience later so This number right here is low it’s much Much more than that I’ve created and Generated a lot more leads than this Just based off of the pixel that I have Uh and sometimes we do run Facebook lead Forms you know that would essentially go Into a calendar and that calendar I do Have pre-programmed into my phone sites With code very simple to do I mean Everything it sounds like I’m talking Complicated here and it’s it sounds like I’m probably speaking Greek but I’m Telling you everything within phone Sites it’s it’s so easy I’m gonna Literally build a funnel with you here

In just a second I’m going to show you How simple this is and again if you have Any interest and you just want to skip The BS and and get started right away uh Right underneath this video you’ll see a Link it is an affiliate link I hope you Don’t mind you know if you sign up I Will get a small commission that’s my Way of you know providing some value to You uh but at the end of the day you Know if you do sign up with me and you Grab the annual plan I have a huge bonus Uh I’m throwing out there I will Literally build you a funnel Done for you and I’ll share it inside Your phone sites account uh it takes About typically about three days from Concept to delivery but you just tell me What kind of business you have and if I Don’t have an offer for you already we Will kind of collaborate together and Build you a massive offer and strategy Okay that is typically a three thousand Dollar value that’s what I charge to Build a funnel for just about any kind Of business So I’m offering to do that for you Completely freeing and it’s not like you Would have to then you know buy phone Sites and then pay someone to build a Funnel you’re you’re getting that Included with phone sites you could take My offer that we collaborate on inside Your funnel that I would provide you

With and then you can kind of go Lateral With it in other words you can kind of Copy that funnel easily by the way And make multiple verticals of that Funnel in several different niches if You so desire a lot of people you know Looking for a funnel Builder like this Have several different businesses or Maybe they’ve got some friends they want To help out and you can charge people to Build funnels for them that’s what I do It’s one of my you know kind of side Gigs if you will or kind of part-time uh Full-time Revenue with part-time hours You know into it I mean typically I make between 500 and A thousand dollars an hour to build Funnels and run Facebook ads and do that Kind of thing but as far as time goes That I have into it it’s very very Limited I’m talking just you know maybe 10 hours a week at the most Um So here we go I’m gonna jump right in Here and just kind of show you a tour I’ll just kind of show you some of my Funnels that work really well This is one this is a brand new funnel I Just built Really clean and this is basically Talking about a new software Where we can friend connect people Get in front of more people okay more Customers essentially

So that’s how that works that’s just a Funnel right there and I’ll show you how Quick this is if I want to edit this Funnel you’re going to see how quick This goes I mean literally I could just start Editing I can put new images in here Replace this image if I want I can Replace this image I can replace the Link it goes to I mean this is again another image I did This image really quick in And again you know when you sign up for Phone sites if you need any help with Canva I’ve got a free course I could Send you on how to make canva work for You you can use it to build logos you Can use it to build little Um excerpts like this so we’ll just keep Going down here this is my calendar I Was talking about calendly when you Calendly when you get a free account Literally gives you this code so it’s Not like something complicated here that I had to write And again I can help you with that too Any problems you have in building this Stuff out I mean I’m here for you it’s It’s very simple but you know once you Get trained on it I mean as you can see It’s that easy and if I want to change Background colors or any of this stuff It’s all just right here I can literally do I can literally do

All this for my phone guys this is how Simple that this is All you need is a is a decent offer To get in front of people to get in Front of the audience okay here’s Another one I’m doing for a roofer okay Get a free estimate real simple and we Actually took this and we put it On his website and so this is brand new We just we just launched this just a few Days ago we launched this on the 16th You know we’re already getting some Views which is awesome 122 unique views So we’ll start getting some leads here Shortly the website is uh is fairly new As well so that’s just going to keep Going up and up and up Um You know here’s a pre-qualifier These are all just some of the funnels That I have that I’ve built in the past You you need a funnel I’ll give it to You right I’ve got like over I think 600 Funnels at this point free list of homes Here’s one I did for a makeup artist Um it’s just in it’s been proof right Now this isn’t live But these are just so simple And I’m going to show you from start to Finish okay those are just some examples You can tie me all right it’s 11 22 Right now go let’s build a funnel We’re gonna build a real estate funnel That just happens to be one of the

Niches that I’m uh You know proficient in because I’m from The real estate industry but I can build Funnels you know for just about anything It doesn’t even I mean I’m going to do this with all caps you Know you can change it but And I apologize for my slow typing again I’ve got a baby in my arms I know I probably spelled Phoenix wrong No problem let’s figure that out hang on Here A little copy paste Sorry guys I didn’t go to college what Can I say all right so grab a free list Of homes In Phoenix We’re gonna put a subtitle in here We’re going to move this down List of homes Before They Hit Zillow Before list of homes long before Right because you’re targeting somebody Who maybe wants to stay ahead of the Competition okay These buttons all work the same we’re Going to grab a forum here We’re just gonna go name email phone Number that’s what I do on all my forms Unless of course like I said if I’m Strictly just using that page to maybe

Attract some uh Maybe I’m just using that page to you Know Sorry maybe I’m just using that page to To grab somebody’s attention or maybe I’m just using it as a Lander so that I Can collect their pixel data and then I Can track them down later with with Google display ads or Facebook ads or Whatever So that’s it man that’s so we’re done Okay final’s done 22 what is that three Minutes it just took me I think So It’s just that simple Okay you can make it fancier you can add Things to it I’m just you know really Just trying to keep it simple for you in This example but there’s so many things You can do here It can be as simple or even a little bit More complex if you want You know the leads are even all here Once the leads are here you can even Email all the leads straight from here You can set up zap years to send these Leads other places if you want to send Them to go high level if you want to Send them to um A spreadsheet even if you’re cheap and You just don’t want to deal with you Know buying a CRM right now that’s fine That’s how I got started I mean I still Use spreadsheets a lot of times okay uh

Because you know sometimes it’s just About being simple and quick So you know like this This is a whole CRM just one of the Businesses I’m involved in and right now We’re just running because I’m testing An offer I don’t want to put a lot of Energy and time into Utilizing a Whole CRM build out okay I just want the Leads so I’ve got a call center I work With and I’m just sending them the leads Via this spreadsheet they’re taking Notes they’re booking appointments for Me all right anything in uh Anything in green is going to be an Appointment set So you know we’re still look we’re still Working these new leads and these leads Are only You know they’re they’re not they’re Fresh leads so yeah that’s just an Example right on how you can really Utilize it If you just want quick and dirty I mean That’s exactly what this is You could forward domains too right you Can buy a domain I don’t even typically Do this honestly nobody even cares that It says on the back end Right this website says 3333 real nobody cares all Right now if you want to build something Fancier

You can do that I mean I even have You can build out this and this is Really cool what you can do here I’ve Got this linked to a NF and it’s it’s an NF so it basically I’ve got a card in my wallet that I can Bounce off of physically bounce off of Somebody’s phone we just type it right And their phone will literally take them To this site okay you can build all this Stuff out that’s that’s kind of complex How it all kind of works on the back end But the front end is very simple to set Up and again this is something that I Can set up for you you can even do a QR Code that’ll take you right to this page We’ve got click to call I mean this is Like a real website guys this is pretty Pretty cool stuff and again I mean It’s not hard so the one I made for you Here is it’s just it’s just quick and Dirty quick and simple But I’ve got funnels for just about Everything got a pooper scooper client You know we’ve got a virtual call center We work with to to generate you know Work from home leads Um Just I mean you name it right it’s so Simple we’ve got a towing company we Work with It’s just on and on right it’s so easy And so simple so

Here’s another example of a virtual Digital business card right another one That we did for a client over at Keller Williams so I just wanted to show you that I mean It’s It’s not Hard At all we’ve got templates here you can Use let it you know maybe you just have A lawnscape a landscaping company who Doesn’t have a lot of money and they Just want to pay you three four hundred Dollars 500 bucks to make a funnel I mean even if you signed up for the Yearly program you know you could get One client to pay for a whole year Potentially depending on what services You offer them right we’ve got you know Swimming pool maintenance I mean the Templates are just Incredible in here it’s all you have to Do is swap out the logo swap out the Profile picture with the logo put their Put the client’s phone number in and You’re in business Whether you want to build funnels as a Marketing agency and maybe start a Digital marketing agency like we have One or maybe you’re a real estate agent Or loan officer or maybe you’re I mean there’s a CEO and you’ve got Multiple businesses or maybe you just Kind of are just trying to test offers

Right maybe you just want to test offers And kind of figure out this is the Cheapest way to test offers really Because you can literally just Do things like this And just go okay I want to change this Offer because this isn’t really working I want to test it like an A B test Against something else you go down here And you hit copy this will literally Copy the entire funnel All right the entire funnel gets copied And now you have something to a B test Against You can Google that term if you’re not Sure but essentially what we’re talking About is testing copy and images and Creatives against other images and Creatives Or maybe maybe changing the verbiage up Entirely so anyway that’s my honest Review of phone sites I give this 11 out Of 10 stars all day long I’ve been a Customer For I want to say a year and a half two Years now I’m not going anywhere I don’t Care about click funnels 2 3 4 5 8.0 it Doesn’t do anything for me it doesn’t Excite me because I can’t build a funnel With that software with a child in my Lap or or you know putting my kids to Bed quietly And I got one hand hanging off the side Of the the bed you know knocking out a

Funnel on my phone sites account while My kids are sleeping next to me I mean You just you know what are you gonna do You’re gonna sit there and just stare at The ceiling while you’re putting kids to Bed my mind’s always going so sometimes I’m like hey I’ve got an idea let’s run With this right otherwise the idea is Just going to disappear into the abyss Of my brain Never to be recovered again so I hope That this video helped that’s really all I’m going to show you today Um yeah because we went off and again You could be an affiliate as well it Doesn’t cost anything once you get Signed up and locked in to your account Yeah there’s really nothing else I need To show you here this is you know these This speaks for the for itself right Here 1450 leaves You know I could pay a digital marketing Agency or you know I could do all this Stuff myself and I for one I just I Choose to do it myself so again I hope That helps just wanted to provide you With some value and give you an honest Testimonial whether you buy from me or Not just take some action you know There’s so much money in funnels out There just go get it right there’s so Many businesses that need your help in Doing what they’re doing Um I mean for example just really quick

Before I let you go This is a list of business owners that Were cold calling right now okay we’re Literally cold calling all these Businesses And we are literally closing deals by Just cold calling them and offering them A funnel All right the offer is like a no-brainer Giveaway practically it’s it’s But it’s a real business in other words I’m creating something here that I could Sell In five years if I wanted to I could Have these all these clients you know Let’s just say I take on 100 clients Let’s say on board 100 clients and they All pay me 200 a month for this funnel That’s twenty thousand dollars a month Okay that’s a real sellable business Real estate is not a sellable business Okay I can’t like start a whole Brokerage and and you know Ultimately sell that business for cash If I decided to because I’m that’s what I like to do I like to start companies And then fix them up and maybe buy Companies fix them up and then resell Them so we’re literally just cold Calling this list and I got this list I Mean for a laughable amount And I’ve got one of my cold callers in Mexico just Dialing for Dollars all day

All day all day he’s connecting with two 300 people every day we’re getting People on the phone and he’s closing two To three a day I mean it’s It’s I’m gonna you know I’m considering Hiring hiring uh three or four more Um of him to get him to get this thing Really really rocking and rolling but This is just one example of how You could literally Use this tool and start a business and If you want to learn more about that Grab a free trial reach out to me for Help and it’s that simple you could be Making 10 20 30 40 000 in just a matter of Months so again like subscribe to this Channel if I provided some value to you And uh shoot me a thumbs up drop me a Comment if you have questions I’ll be Monitoring this to come back and see if I can help you out Thanks a lot take care.

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