Plan B was Stripping and Uber

My plan B if the gym didn't work I would Strip at night and I would drive Uber I Knew if I drove 12 hours a day I could Make like 80 90 grand a year if I just Did that and then at night in four or Five hours I could probably pull another 150 in I could make 250 000 a year just Stripping and driving Uber maybe even More once I got the first level of Skills so I learned how to sell I Realized that my base level opportunity Rose because then I was like I could Just sell cars and make 400 000 a year And keep my clothes on so that became my New Baseline once I knew how to Market And sell then my new Baseline became I Flew out and would do the turnkey sales System when I did that on my own no Employees I'd make 100 a month and so That became my new Baseline

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