Planet Fitness has the most GENIUS lazy model

92 percent of members at Planet Fitness Never go to the gym and so one of the Brilliant parts of their business model Was finding out who is least likely to Use the gym and who's most likely to use The gym and then what they did is they Figured oh all these people who come to The gym all the time they use heavy Weights they use barbells those are the Hardcore gym goers what if we remove all The things that those people use and Then we can get way more people who Never use the facility at all and then What do all these people want they want Pizza they only want the easy equipment And so they catered something for Everybody else and everybody else Doesn't use the gym and so they made an Unbelievably profitable model where the Average Planet Fitness has 10 000 Members and if people actually use the Gym they wouldn't be able to do it and It only works because no one uses it Because of how smart they were about how They picked their customer

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