Podcast Link Element Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

With the customer education team I hope You’re having an awesome day in this Video we are going to go over how to add A podcast element to your course The first step that we need to do is to Upload your audio to your ClickFunnels Account to do that we need to click on The settings button right here And then click on my assets Here you will see these tabs let’s click On the audio one And let’s go ahead and upload all our Audio file You only need to drag and drop your Audio into this area and add a name for It And then you only need to click click on Create audio Now you will see your audio available Here in your audio dashboard and it will Be available to use it Now the next step would be to reach out Your course area so let’s go and click Site and funnels And then curses I’m working with this test course So let’s say that I want to display that Podcast on my lesson one so what I need To do is to click on the settings Gear icon of my lesson one Scroll down a bit and here in the audio Settings

You will be able to select the audio That you just uploaded And let’s click on update lesson Now this audio will be attached to your Lesson one Now the next step would be to add the Podcast element for this step we have Two options if you are going to include A podcast on each one of your lessons You might want to consider it to add the Podcast element to the lesson template So that all of the lessons will show the Podcast link Let’s do that let’s click on customize And then if you want to edit the Template of your lesson to add the Podcast element you need to reach out Your templates and then your lesson Template Okay now we are in the lesson template And you can only go ahead and add a new Element S link And once you save the changes this link Will be updated with each lessons audio File Um for For the other option that I mentioned is To add the post the podcast element to Each one of the lessons So in that case you will need to reach Each one of the lessons Scroll down until you reach the model Content area and

Add the podcast element from here And you only need to click on Save since I already had the podcast here I won’t Save the changes but now let’s go ahead And test this Now I’m back into my curse area and to Test the podcast we need to click on the Preview button right here if we click on That the lesson will be open and we are Um we are seeing the podcast link here If we click on it Our Apple music will open and you will Need to click here in follow And your audio will play will be played Here So this is how our podcast link element Works I hope this information was Helpful please don’t hesitate to reach Out to support if you have any other Questions have an awesome day.

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