Proximity is power… Take advantage of that!!

One of the technology problems we have Is the friction that's caused by like I Have an idea you jump up oh and you're Slacking somebody and you're zooming Somebody or trying to get everybody in The room and everyone's at different Schedules and one person shows up and Then the next person shows up and then You're talking about the weather really Quick by waiting for him to show up by The time everyone's there the Energy's Gone the momentum's gone like everything You're trying to create when I'm in an Office and the idea comes in and people In a room with me I can jump up because I know that of all the things we're Doing this I did Trump's all and I can Get everyone to stop in the moment and We can have the brainstorm dropping Ideas and in just seconds the idea goes From good to Great you cannot get the Same feelings or emotions or momentum Through Zoom as you can in person in Proximity with the people that you're Working with those guys who do have Remote teams and you've been working This way successfully for a long time I Want to give you a challenge that is Take your team and fly them to where You're at fly them to your house or go Rent an Airbnb or something and spend Two days together in proximity with each Other masterminding and you'll be blown Away by what can happen so proximity Is

Power take advantage of that fly your Team out and uh have some fun

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