Publishing Your Modules and Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn ways to “Publishing Your Modules and Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

ClickFunnels Education team in this video I’m going To go over how to publish your modules And courses follow along with this video You’re going to need an active Clickfunnels 2.0 account You’ll also need a course created with Modules and lessons added to that course When completing a lesson or a module you Can publish that specific area of the Course This is important because members will Be able to only see published content If a lesson or module is still in draft It won’t appear for the members So to get started we’re going to need to Go do a course that we have already Created in our account that’s in the Site and funnels section And courses Click on the course that you’d like to Publish And the thing you’ll need to look for Here are the draft buttons here so you Have draft buttons next to your modules Your lessons and also next to the course So to publish a lesson you need to click On the draft button next to that lesson Thank you And select publish from here You’ll get a notification that the Lesson published settings were updated And you’ll see that it is now a

Published lesson Next you’ll need to publish your modules And when you select draft from here You’ll also have a couple other options Before you simply publish now You’ll see that there’s the option to Schedule a published date If you click on the area here you’ll get A little calendar widget where you can Actually select a specific date and time Click apply And that time will be selected Otherwise you can click cancel to get Rid of this calendar And if you want to just publish this Module immediately just click the update Module button here Otherwise if you want to cancel this and Not publish this at all you can discard The changes by clicking discard changes Here I’m going to go ahead and publish this One now by clicking update module with The schedule date emptied And you’ll get a notification that the Module published settings were updated And you’ll see that this module now says That it is published all right and Finally you’re going to need to make Sure that you’ve published your course And this is found at the very top of the Menu here You’ll see there’s the draft next to the Course name click on that and then click

On publish You’ll get the same option here to Select the publishing date And the same thing happens if you click In here look at the calendar widget You can also click cancel here remove The date by clicking on this icon And to publish it immediately which We’re going to do now is just click on The update course while that field is Empty You’ll get the notification that the Course published settings were updated And you’ll see that it’s now published Next to the course name up here all Right that’s all there is to publishing Your courses and modules As well as your lessons Make sure you review your lessons and Modules before publishing them to make Sure that content is all there And remember that members will only be Able to see your published content If a lesson or module is still in draft It won’t appear for the members When publishing modules and courses you Have the option to publish the content On a specific date Thanks for watching and have a wonderful Day.

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