Reacting to Leila’s Bumble story

Was on Bumble and I swiped I'm at this Guy named Alex he asked me out on a date Like Froyo Cuts guys on so we went we Met for Froyo on the first date he's Like I'm in Fitness you're in Fitness You're super ambitious I'm super Ambitious like let's just do something Together what people don't know is that Layla already had a really profitable Business at that time and so for her to Quit doing her thing I had to show that This was a superior opportunity vehicle So some people were like oh she's only In it for the money as she should be if You're making a business decision I Think that if you're going to quit what You're doing to start with a partner Make sure it makes sense for you Individually and one of the things we Did early on was I said hey if this Relationship doesn't come with it this Still has to make sense for you Financially

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