Reacting to Patrick Betdavid’s Thoughts on Twitter

Think one thing I'm most excited about With Twitter is he lost 750 million Dollars of a advertising per year Because 50 of the top 100 advertisers Dropped off that's a big number and to Replace that 750 million dollars all he Needs is 7.7 million people out of his You know 250 million active followers to Pay eight bucks a month if 30 million People pay eight bucks a month on Twitter it's game over wholeheartedly Agree if there are some fitness apps That can get a million users at 100 Bucks a year there's no reason why a Media platform that owns all of the Attention yes I think it's completely Plausible they had 400 000 people had The blue check mark when they started it He is monetizing status or decreasing The relative status but so many people Will buy that blue check mark because of What it stood for before and some people Pay ten thousand twenty thousand a Hundred thousand dollars for these blue Check marks and so I think a lot of People are going to want to do it

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