Reacting to the Flawed Education System

School system they don't want us to Learn about money because they just want To pump out good employees that do what They're told I mean if you look at School it's opposite of what it takes to Be successful in real life don't make a Mistake do as you're told take take Tests by yourself oh there's only one Right answer no there's tons of answers To a problem I don't think there's like An Overlord that like doesn't want People to learn about money they Probably couldn't get a curriculum about Money because they couldn't agree on What was the right way to do it and the Point of like there's more than one Right answer it's true it just makes it Very hard to grade I think there's just Inherent infrastructure issues that make Many of the lessons of Life difficult to Teach not to say that they're impossible But I think there would have to be an Overhaul of the entire school system Which I hope Ai and some of the Personalized education things that are Coming out right now could pave the way For

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