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Your headline is the single most Important part of your entire website Because if it sucks people are going to Leave your website and never see Anything else on that site now your Headline needs to be short and Descriptive and Punchy and exciting and It needs to elicit Intrigue and trust And it also needs to describe what you Do and the benefits of it and there are A ton of things that you need to take Into consideration when writing your Headline and this can be even more Intimidating when you consider that your Headline should probably be either eight Words or less and so in this video I'm Going to show you what works when it Comes to headlines I'm going to show you Seven real websites I'm going to share Their headlines on what's not working With them and then I'm going to rewrite Them to turn them into million dollar Headlines so let's dive into it Our first example is Dart and the Headline says project management on Autopilot and our subheading says use Gpt4 to handle the work about work so Your team can get back to building and This just doesn't grab me it's it's a Short brief kind of catchy headline but It doesn't get me excited it doesn't Make me feel like I have to have this it Doesn't show me the benefits it doesn't Tell me what my life is going to be like

Once I start using dark and so I rewrote This to read Dart AI Cuts your project Management Time by 50 so right here That's a really bold promise and Certainly you want to be able to back up These types of claims but telling them That using Dart AI is going to cut your Project management Time by 50 this is a Huge benefit especially for people that Are looking for this type of service or Software they're gonna say wow half of My time is going to be given back to me This is huge and then we updated our Subheading as well to say use gpt4 to Offload your busy work without all the Headaches of training and so right here We're hitting a couple of pain points as Well by saying you're not going to have Any more headaches you don't have to Train people this is all going to be Automated by Ai and it's going to save You a ton of time from your busy work And so this headline and sub header are Going to do a way more efficient job of Convincing people that this is something That they can't live without all right So let's go to number two this is Flowley dot website now I want to make Sure that I clarify that I haven't used Any of these services this was just a Good example and so I by no means I'm Telling you to go try these businesses But this was a good example because I Think that this website and this

Business is sitting on potentially a Gold mine of headlines because you're Saving people money so the idea of this Is Affordable webflow hosting Lightning Fast webflow hosting but easier on your Wallet and so if you don't know what Webflow is it's a design and development Platform and then you can host your web Websites and it can get fairly expensive Certainly there are a lot of people that Think it's too expensive but this Headline is just missing the whole point Of we're going to save you money and the First thing people are going to wonder Is how much money because that's the Point that's why I'm here right and so I Rewrote this to say save nine dollars Per month on webflow hosting so that's Just gonna smack me right in the face And say this is exactly what you need There's no reason why you would not want To save nine dollars per month on Webflow hosting and then the subheading I updated to all the benefits of webflow Hosting at half the price because for me As a webflow user the first question I Had is what am I going to lose out on by Not hosting with webflow and so we're Telling them exactly what they're going To say we're telling them the benefit we Are overcoming a potential objection by Telling them you still get all the Benefits of Hosting with webflow but It's going to be half the price and then

I even updated a call to action which Used to be connect site and I've changed It to start saving just something to Give them a little extra push towards Taking action all right our next example Is this is a really cool Business I really like their website and They've done a great job of utilizing All these different automations and Videos but their headline is just Leaving me wanting it says automate your Manual task and so it's telling you what You can do with this tool but it's not Telling you how incredible it's going to Be when you use this tool and so again It's just informative it's descriptive But it's not selling anything and then Our subheading says integrate and Automate your favorite apps with our AI Automation platform and so again Descriptive but not selling so I updated This to save two hours of busy work Every single day automate your favorite Apps to make work feel like a vacation And so I love this especially the Subheading by that main headline again We're going back to a promise or a Guarantee of saying this is the huge Benefit you're going to save two hours Of easy work every single day and so Like I mentioned before certainly make Sure that you can back up these claims But then that subheading is is so good Because it says automate your favorite

Apps to make work feel like a vacation Who doesn't want work to feel like a Vacation and that's going to put people In that mindset of man this is going to Make work so enjoyable it's going to Make it so much easier and I'm going to Love work that much more once I start Using bardine and so you can see just by Taking it from descriptive to really Selling them on this dream or idea or Vision of the future makes a massive Difference our next example is lead and this is a business that I Feel like probably rise off the fact That it's such a good product they have Killed it on product hunt they get a ton Of traffic they've got tons like tens of Thousands of users but I think because Of that they have overlooked the Opportunities inside their copywriting And in particular with their headlines So the headline says number one LinkedIn Network management and then the Subheading says organize your LinkedIn Connections the way you want no ads no Distractions so the headline number one LinkedIn Network management it just Seems so vanilla and the first thing That I see when I see this is you're Just trying to be an exact match keyword For SEO which is not necessary your Headline should be written for the user And it should convince them of why they Need to use your software or your

Service and so what I did is I updated This to the number one way to explode Your LinkedIn Network and so you're Telling people this isn't just a tool to Help with your LinkedIn Network this is The tool the number one tool that's Going to explode your LinkedIn Network Because that's what people want they Want something more than just another Vanilla tool and then the subheading I Wrote everything you need to manage your LinkedIn connections no ads no Distractions and you can see that I Added the these red X emojis just to Bring more attention to the fact that There's no ads and no distractions Because obviously Lee Delta feels that Those are huge pain points and so by Making these slide updates I can almost Guarantee the conversions on their Website would go way up all right next Example is Sprout dot Ai and this seems Like a really cool product it's a daily Planner but I feel like anytime somebody Comes to their website they're going to Be disappointed at the Quality and Probably going to in turn feel like the Quality of the product or the planner is Going to be subpar as well and so a Quick update of the site could do Wonders for this product but I just Updated the headline the subheading and I feel like we could literally double Conversions just off of these slight

Updates so it currently reads fast and Simple daily planner Sprout is a daily Planner that brings together your To-do's notes bookmarks and project Information to reduce overwhelm so Literally the only thing that I feel Like they did good in this headline a Sub headline is where it says reduce Overwhelm because that's actually Hitting on a real benefit I don't think That we can fall back on using words Like fast and simple and easy and fun And cool because those don't really Convince me of anything those are so Overused and so really the only thing That catches my attention is man like I'm gonna feel less overwhelmed by using This daily planner and really isn't that Why people use daily planners is to be Organized and not feel overwhelmed about Everything that they have to do so the Updates that I made now it reads the Daily planner for future millionaires Now I took a couple Liberties in this And assuming that this is a daily Planner that is to help people be more Productive maybe in their business or Personal life maybe make more money make More of an impact make more of a Difference and so I love this title of This is the daily planner for future Millionaires because right now you may Not be a millionaire but you're going to Be once you use our planner and then our

Subheading reads eliminate overwhelm and Become a productivity superhero Overnight so this is the dream of any Person that uses a daily planner no Longer will you feel overwhelmed and You're going to become a productivity Superhero overnight and so this really Is going to grab them and say boom like Let's do it we've got to dive into this I want to try it and then I update the Call to action to say try it free today So this is a night and day difference For I would love to see them Implement these changes because I Promise that it would make a massive Difference this next website is probably One that you all know of it's this is a really well Known product they do a fantastic job And again I actually feel like their Current headline isn't terrible but it Is just descriptive it says spline a Place to design and collaborate in 3D so It's just telling you what it does but Again it's not convincing me of anything So I updated this to say spline makes Creating 3D Graphics easier than ever Now this one still might be lacking Because it is falling back on hey it's Making it easier than ever before but I'm sure there are other pain points That designers might be feeling maybe It's too hard to comprehend and Understand how to use this tool so it's

Making it easier or maybe you're looking For a way to create these as a complete Beginner and so maybe we would have this Headline read spline makes creating 3D Graphics super easy even if you have no Experience or something like that right That's going to catch your attention say Hey this product is for me and finally Our last example and another one of my Favorites is again a Fantastic product they were product hunt Number one product of the day but their Headline is very descriptive and very Basic it says one suite for all types of Visual feedback and so then the Subheading says ruddle helps your Product marketing sales and support Teams collect and process feedback in The most efficient way possible so I Feel like they do a good job of Explaining what it is and because it is More of a complex solution it does Require a more broad explanation right Because we want people to know what it Is and what it does and you can see as You scroll down further into their site They have so many different graphics and Tabs and everything to show you all the Things that this tool can do so it's not Just a straightforward product but with That said we can still make some really Good updates to make people excited About trying it so in this instance I Changed the headline to read leave

Visual feedback anywhere with one click And so you're telling people basically You can leave any type of visual Feedback anywhere you want with just one Click and so it's telling people that It's easy that it does not have Restrictions and it still is giving that Broad title but it makes it feel a Little bit more exciting and then the Subheading reads ruddle makes feedback Quicker and easier for your product Marketing sales and support teams saving You time and money and I think those are Key because again that's what everybody Wants they want to save time they want To save money they want a better Experience that's why we use these tools That's why companies use these tools and So why not just hit on exactly what People are looking for now I played with This one a lot and I had one additional Alternate that I wanted to share because I thought this was really fun make Feedback the sexiest part of your job Feedback is not something that is Exciting it's not enjoyable nobody likes That part of the project so why not make It sexier than ever before so this was Just a fun idea that I thought could Spice up that headline a little bit more So I hope after this video you feel Ready to write better headlines and I Can guarantee you that as you improve Your writing especially when it comes to

Headlines you're going to have more site Conversions you're going to earn more Money and people are going to take note Of the great work that you do so if you Enjoyed this video please be sure to hit The like button down below and I'll be Sure to have more videos coming out just Like this one every single day thanks For watching and we'll catch you in the Next video

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