Hey so welcome back To another fun one today because we’re Gonna do a a members Only funnel design feedback video from People inside of full-time funnel design Which is Our program for building high converting Funnels for Clients and building your own online Business and so i’m going to review them And then after i’ve reviewed them i’m Going to give you first of all my You know personal opinion on the design The branding the graphics the copy A lot of the good stuff and then also Gonna pick a winner at the end so make Sure you Stay to them to find out who the winner Is and i’m not gonna mention names of All the different uh designs but i will Give a shout out to the winner so let’s Just dive in And share my screen and this is kind of The theme that i like with the graphics Uh beautiful font stuff like that Obviously the structure to it will Change depending on the funnels but We’re just gonna start with this one Right here and i go through them and Then i’ll pick a winner so that’s good Make sure you smash that like button Subscribe and let’s dive in so First of all we have a sales page uh This looks like it’s right after someone

Opts into A funnel it’s a vsl eight minute long Did watch the video can you Confirm the phone before booking a call So then the call action is to Claim your exclusive vip invitation uh Which is a power session Nice graphics or images like hero image A lot of credibility here Social proof russell brunson um you can See the theme throughout so there’s a Theme for the graphics As a i call these like scroll stoppers Where you have you have like one piece Or one graphic That is from white background to dark Background to white so like you have This like scroll stopper that makes you Go okay what is this i need to To look at this it’s kind of like a Guiding attention throughout the landing Page which is something that i teach as Well so Going back to the funnel uh you can see That here a lot of social proof with These results So that’s obviously powerful for a Application page which is what this is So there’s not a lot of You know content about the company i Guess we have certificate So we have a usp unique selling point When it comes to the program faq to Overcome objections which is important

This is also Great for credibility the right fit this Is qualifi uh Qualification section which is good and Then future pacing are you next so Uh makes sense i love the branding of it Looks premium um I don’t see a lot of storytelling Um which you know if you had a product That was like a software you would have Like here’s what it can do and here’s Like all these things which makes sense To not have on an application page so Let’s just go to the next one ig Marketing okay i can’t give too much Feedback on copy here because it’s French but uh i like the theme the Branding of it first of all I like that you have a person here so That’s good for you know building trust You see a face Who am i talking to or listening to Right and then you have like these three Steps to this I like the branding of these i again i Don’t know what what it says crawl Stopper here Graphics visuals are always great you’ve Divided the copy Into bullet point which is awesome Here’s the the wrong way of doing i can See this by the graphics or the bullet Points This is the wrong way of doing it as an

Influencer this is the new way which is A business i guess Having your own product is the new Opportunity a lot of text here i would Say this is one Piece that i would instead do like image Here text here image here Text here so dividing the text into Different Sections i love this part the graphic The animation here i love this a lot of Social proof but hard to read all of This copies again would have divided That into different sections i love this Maybe make this one bigger and this One’s smaller with also Like if you have a big headline you want To have the sub headline body text Waste more like half the size of the Headline so that you can see a big Contrast in between these two again Guiding attention first to this and then This So same thing here like they’re pretty Same size I like the graphics the design and the Brand branding is on point there’s Consistency throughout when it comes to Headlines and color of sub Bullet points sorry i like this i love This i love this Love this the guarantee i like that as Well Looks awesome again it’s pretty hard

When i don’t understand all the copy Structure so like some people like this Some people don’t you can split test When it comes to When it comes to details you can always Split test that even though i would say Most split tests Happen at the top of the page because There’s a lot of percentage of people Who already either decided they want to Buy or they dropped off At this stage of the page and so you Finish the page with A faq section you answer uh concerns Overcome subjections That’s great so now i’m gonna go to Sorry i didn’t Share the last part so i don’t know how Much i missed here But here’s the faq uh here’s the Testimonial section that i mentioned That i don’t really like a lot Hopefully i wasn’t sharing the entire Page without Sharing my screen anyways going to the Next one Um okay so let’s take a look at the Headline grow more and impact more with Each funnel builder videos social media Market the fast way to get To 10k per month without paid ads this Is great but i would do This more like a slogan here so you know I would have a stronger

Headline that says um something with the Outcome of 10k per month without paid Ads You know so the headline could be Discover how i may Discover how or not discover that would Be for like a free training with a lot Of curiosity So maybe for this one it would be more Like how We grow online business to 10k per month Uh using organic marketing even if You’re not You know whatever so overcoming that Objection or false belief as well Uh when it comes to copy i need more Time you know instead of just throwing Something out there but Uh credibility i like this um like this I like the Design on this copy is really well Structured bullet points Call to action you know making it easy To understand the process of it It’s also great what’s like i guess it Is a Um free training or an opt-in so the Case study The curiosity based copy and that Approach Is working on these um I would try to do something here with You know split testing and see In the conversion rate which is you know

You can try this and then also try to Make it just These two sections so this banner right Here above the fold And then um maybe This one could be instead of having Headline image You know text bullet points you could Have two sections so it’s like Image here copy here and then final call To action here Um and it would all be inside of this Area right here and obviously i have a Wider screen like This is probably what you know most People have if we just You know if we were to use a laptop It would look something more like this So anyways i like that page Too branding wise this one i can’t Really scroll Uh but i like the branding as well i Like the colors the structure Of the different elements It doesn’t feel too busy a lot of Spacing there which is great you Highlight a section by adding a shadow To it That’s awesome we have custom branded Icons here we have a hero section Testimonials Feel like you have everything you need In this In this funnel maybe branded

Graphics so like for example one of the Things that i do Is you know add something to the Graphics to make it unique Um which i’m sure you did on on some Places here but not here not here not Here So that’s something that you could have Added to it Then we have this one a lot of social Proof so this is great We have this easy to consume like a Logical three-step Process which you know is great and then I would maybe not i know this is a Structure that’s similar to Uh some of the famous webinar funnels Out there But i would not keeping i would not Structure it in this way Because it looks and feels a little bit Busy to me so What i would do is kind of i try to say More with less words and then add a lot Of spacing to it give the design and the Copy Space to breed so that’s what i would do On that All right so this one i like this um I’m worried if it feels i’m worried that It might feel a little bit too much like A website If you have too much content and Information

On the page but then again you’ve been Able to Take something that looks like a Website-ish And eliminate those things like there’s No menu with Hundreds of things you can do yeah i Like this Like this a lot when you have like a Banner that goes like this Then you have strong statement What top experts are saying so like Social proof the problem with treating Black people the problem A proven back pain result the promise The solution i love this This section right here is super Important with the visuals This how star works so it’s like a Unique methodology or unique process Unique system unique product i like that Great graphic right right here this is Awesome Um testimonials so you can see there’s a Video testimonial and also A headline to sell them on the click to Watch the video And this is something that more people Should do really you have so many Testimonies you just throw them up there But instead you should Keep them a little bit you know less Kind of what i mentioned the first Funnel

Less testimonials highlight the best Ones With a headline and sell the click to Watch the testimonial because video Testimonials are Important they’re super impactful but i Would sell them more With that copy next to them so this is This is great what we have up here Refuse to let back pain Become the norm i like this showing the Real life Use you know use case scenarios also can I see results Great question i’m sure that’s something That a lot of people with this would ask Um This is a lot of information in one Section but i like that it’s bullet Points and it’s Easy to consume we’ve got testimonials Backed by professionals Which is great for authority credibility Address the source of the problem yeah So not just treating Symptoms and faq now this is great This is great then we have this one i Love this branding i love how clean it Is Easy to consume even if it’s on a darker Background like It’s not on white background or light Gray Or light blue um it’s still easy to

Consume which is hard to do but if you Look at this for example This section right here big headline and Just the widow so it’s not like One sub-headline um to get attention Then a big headline and then You know body text and then video it’s Just one Um same thing here in this proven pro uh Method you’ll learn how to Number one scalar business here’s what You could actually with numbers Say number one scale your business and Not In this program you’ll learn how to and Then just go You know what i mean like you could Highlight step number one or the first Thing you do Or the first pillar step one and you Know that sort of stuff so Anyways um got the logos here For social proof i think this is what You’ve designed To build a concept funnel but um Great structure overall i feel like Something is missing when it comes to The actual like sales Vehicle still my framework start your Business in just 30 days So a little bit vague maybe that’s the Problem like a little bit vague Research take off analytical Optimization like for example

If this is um because i see scalar Business and retargeting So imagine if you had a graphic with This person You know if this is a client funnel um You would have A dashboard screenshot of you know you Scaling The business and so it would be either Um Facebook ads account or it would be Google ads youtube whatever it is And showing like real numbers i think That’s what’s missing like the meat On the bones um also when it comes to Details Like this behind the images i would try To make them more Subtle not so dominant and i would make Them smaller So i would just move that to like side Here Not a big deal but that it’s just you Know one of the things that i would do To make it maybe even cleaner this one I’m trying i’m gonna try to go quicker So we’re not here all day Two-day event revolutionary new process Removing biggest inner blocks Limitations My name is christopher duncan okay Here’s the truth i love how clean this Is with just three colors Right so you have orange blue and white

And that’s a great way to keep structure Throughout your design to keep brand Congruency And consistency is you know Keeping it to minimal amount of fonts And colors Again i can’t really zoom in and go Through all of the copy Overall though i feel like this is super Easy to consume So scope funnels boost conversion seven Days without With our high powered funnels see i like A strong hook i like a strong statement That’s a little bit polarizing it’s like Breaking through all of the noise and it Says here’s how i can help you Right and and it gets me it gets my Attention it gets Me focused on what’s next so then i Scroll down i love this maybe four is Too many Uh tags on one image but i like this i Like this I like that it’s consistent not too much Copy Um with these right here you could even Try to make them shorter so it’s just Here Headline here basically like a break Um like an element to give some spacing In between The text a little bit of copy bullet Points

Is great it’s great way to keep their Attention throughout I love this this already gets me Interested In reading this email sequence ready to Make your next Sale i would say uh something more Specific like Email sequences to double Your follow-up conversion right or Email sequences to increase your Conversion your overall conversions with 150 percent something like that like Here for example you have numbers and And they say men lie women lie numbers Don’t And it’s there’s some truth to that so That’s why we use a lot of case studies And that sort of stuff to To drive home a point that we’re making About something if you tell someone For example if you tell someone that Email marketing is important You could show how recently you’ve been Able to increase conversions with 150 By adding a seven part email sequence You know So uh design created to i crafted to Keep your audience engaged I like this looks clean raise your hand If so this is a qualifier We get working with us this is also Clean maybe you wanted to Add a shadow to this

Any maybe even a background like a Circle to this and lift it Above this i think that would look cool As well you would have them here Half the icon goes above half of it is Inside but this is also great i like They have a different color from the Background so that You separate them and you you know you Tell the visitor that these are six Highlights Um look at them check out Our work you have animations here which Is great Overall i like them most of them I i pretty much within the first couple Of seconds On a page i noticed if someone has just Thrown something together Or if they actually put time into it you Know Rocket growth where your Full service one-stop shop for beautiful High-converting funnels first of all Great font we have a great image Great logo which you know logo is not That important but it’s great it’s Consistent with This i’ve i hope you have the same Color um codes the hex codes The right version of red apply now So i don’t like this that it goes from a Planar together Check out funnel builder portfolio below

And then I don’t see any funnels i want to see Funnels right after this check out our Funnel below Funnel portfolio anyways um i like that You have this So you can see the full funnel and then You scroll down and see this And i remember when you share this with Me on a weekly coaching call as well Okay we see some personality added to The images here I like the shoulder structure here so Clients who want to work with you Can see that this is super clean by the Way look at this Man it looks clean look at that well Done I know you’ve learned how to use some Css in the program and And they say that uh decided to use that Here for an example So looks great uh building click funnels Plus White five minute speed whitening gel Quick effective gentle on teeth yes i Want this 20 Off um what i would do Because this looks great branding wise For anything Besides teeth and i like it here too It’s just i would want to see a little Bit more Health wipes if that makes sense so like

Usually when you see Especially if it’s like organic Toothpaste or whatever like you see a Little bit more of like Like healthy like nature that sort of Stuff and this feels very much like Online marketing or business or finance Or payment Processor like that’s what you see a lot With uh Like this color blue um banking Or maybe just me maybe it’s just me and And it looks great because it looks Clean It really does um one thing that i would Do try to make this Button yes i want this try make it Smaller Um i try to have this copy if i have it Like 18 The button is the same you know font Size There’s something missing here as well Where i would add something to the Images So like for example for us when we have Coffee where is it it’s right here I always try to uh plan something i can Add to it so if i Took a photo of this i would add coffee Beans here or a You know these coffee bags when they get Shipped from Brazil or wherever it’s from they come

In like a textile bag i don’t know if That’s the The word for it but like fabric anyways I would add some of that to it to give Context of like here’s the complete Product image so i would do the same Thing here for An ecom funnel overall love it this one Is From caron as well i love everything About this look how clean consistent Um yeah We even have two images from the same Event or speaking Engagement which is great for personal Brand funnels you have that congruency In branding like one of the things that I like with With clients is if it’s a personality Brand i want Most of the images if not all if Possible all of them To be from the same photo shoot or Theme or environment they’re in usually You know from the office whatever To give that you know personal branding To it Um if that makes sense and then we have The same colors here for Design and so i really like this Um we could have added more you know Width to this maybe some icons Here we have testimonials where Down here okay um if it’s the book

Crushing it it looks like That could be a bonus um if it is It would be amazing sorry i’m gonna Share my screen Um if we had People with this book right here Crushing it Holding the book we had people showing As they’re holding their books sending In images that would Give the sense of community behind the Book It’s a great way to add social proof to Your funnels attention find out more About What some are calling the best birthday Parties ever 15 plus Power wheels delivered to you one thing That i’ve noticed with myself is i’m Very picky when it comes to fonts I don’t like this font at all it really Feels like an old-school Internet marketing font uh And maybe it’s just me but i don’t like Emojis like this on funnels Either i guess that this is more playful Funnel so if there’s anywhere that it’s Okay It would be here for images what you Could do Is remove the background so it fits Better into Um that actual like landing page I don’t like adding um

Borders or basically anything that’s Free Like a headline it’s free in and of Itself you can put it anywhere I don’t like to box it into something Because then you have a box here One here one here one here and it starts Feeling a little bit busy So you have a lot of social proof here The gallery is very important what you Could do with the gallery Is you could take all these images and Sort of group them together The best ones and use that as an image On the side And then for example if it was mined for An example Right here this could be a group Image of you know people using your Product and then you would still have Room to write something about it You know then we have five check your Ability today buttons And no footer so overall it’s It’s clean on the backgrounds which is Great it’s easy to consume it But if you cleaned up the font the Colors And added some custom graphics to it it Would go from a 7.1 to 8.1 and then if you took it Further from there and actually added More elements to it

Um you could get it to you know nine and And above so Yeah that’s my first impression of this Feels a lot like a Internet marketing funnel which is okay For some industries Not sure how this is converting but um It looks like a Like a small business that’s local That’s you know family business that Sort of stuff Which is why it’s okay but online if you Sold product through order form i would Love to see more Branding to build trust with first People as they come in Uh into your top of the funnel so Anyways next one Funnel vibe portfolio here’s a few Recent funnel bills um From the sense by bolvar first see Others are saying I love this it’s like a hook hey before You look at our funnel see what other People are saying You could also have an image of you here Bolivar And then below you would be testimonials Or maybe just one then we’re going to Uh your designs we see a pattern here With the graphics which is awesome i Like the little details of Um signature logo plus your funnel Agency logo here

I see a big variety in terms of funnels And designs which is awesome Remember when you build some of these This is great yeah i love this Just make sure that the background here For some of these Sections make sure that they go all the Way out because people are using An imac like i am right now they Um they will see things like this so Moving on to the next one Luke hawkins i’ll generate 10 coaching Needs in four days I’ll make these a little bit smaller as Well as the Button copy the font a little bit Smaller Live with luke i watch to learn free Challenge day one This is great this is awesome This adds a little bit to it it’s not Gonna make people convert like it’s not Going to Increase conversions but it’s not going To hurt them it actually builds Trust with the people that it converts Already Um this is awesome you can see the Background here we have some Text this shows community Testimonials great a little bit hard to See the button on this background But um yeah Um i i feel like the background here

Could be a little bit more visible and i Could see You know it adds some context to The brand like what you’re all about But overall i mean it’s free to register So It doesn’t have to be fancy i like it I would say that’s good it’s not perfect But it’s good This one is great p academy you want to 10x your product In the next 30 days learn the proven System you’re used to today Attention to details here on These testimonials step one two three Custom icons congruency throughout Well-structured copy i would say this One right here And you have a person here at the top Bills trust as well Um logos pr or A cns as seen on sorry So i like it this one right here i have To go Quicker so we’re not spending the entire Day on this video i love this Again a lot of attention to detail a lot Of things above the scroll Credential discover this i used to be Broke stuntman probably okay i love this Great mock-ups that’s awesome guarantee This is an amazing funnel the science Studio want us to build your next funnel See what others are saying below

Kind of testimonial apply to work with Us A lot of social proof funnel designs Again hard to give feedback on On this page but if i gave you know Feedback on this one for example this is Close close to a Well it’s a little bit short for that i Was gonna say close to a nine when it Comes to Um what looks like a software funnel Just because you see what’s working in The industry and you’re modeling that Um you get something like this So i’m not i’m not saying that you Couldn’t improve some of the graphics Expand on some of them i can tell This shadow right here i would change The spread of it The opacity of it you know minor details Like that but You don’t want to major in minor details You want to make sure that overall it’s Clean and everything which most of these Are Discover the secret line how lighting Agents are using simple online sets for Generate leads and build hard Databases credibility Credibility builds trust person is Smiling Um two comma club is great for trust and Authority as well We have a couple bullet points here for

More Trust model approvals here some figures Funnel templates try to succeed faster I remember when you designed this funnel By the way so this is someone from my One-on-one coaching program I used to start these bullet points Ready to generate 300 new leads yeah This is great It’s awesome it’s easy to consume this Is kind of what i was Talking about earlier where you have Parts of the icon Flow on top and going to the you know Um to the section above or the row above This is great with all of these mock-ups Issues Um everything you’re getting and it Improves the perceived value Increases the perceived value with your Code one thing that i don’t like about Some of these sections Is um headline and text And then a lot of empty space so i would Like to see images that go From here to here maybe even make the This text a little bit smaller so Instead of i think this is like 18 or 20 Pixels i would try to look at it From 16 to 18 and see what that looks Like This is awesome shows a lot of social Proof with the community images The graphics here look great and

Guarantee We’ve seen this um same Image for money back guarantee on a Couple of pages so It always pays to create your own Version Of it that is specific for your client i Know a lot of people use this one But um yeah always always pays to be Unique speaking of unique Brian this funnel right here Look at i mean this looks great This one has all the elements Great headline short copy straight to The point Eliminates objections kickback with just A tap today 100 free no Credit card required um pr logos That’s awesome can you imagine Four different benefits Introducing kick tap create design Um with kick tap you’ll get like look at All of these graphics right here Very visual like it’s communicating Uh what the copy is saying i would say This is a Close to nine if not Nine this is probably a nine i see Some graphics that look familiar Actually just one And that’s this one one two three so i Know i’ve designed something similar But that doesn’t mean that other people Can’t design

You know elements or graphics that are Similar to what you’ve seen elsewhere Because you know you take something that You see you re Create your own version of it and it’s Just one piece of the funnel so i would Say this is a 9.1 Which is the winner so far Then we have this one this is this is Great too Um i’m not sure if it’s greater than This one Maybe it is i like both of them But the amount of attention to details On this one is crazy Like it takes a special kind of mindset To be like man Look at all these details as i’m Counting the background out here i’m Adding custom Elements to it and throughout the page It’s just It has that personal touch to it where You say I can tell that you put a lot of time Into it you know so I think that’s super super Big um in this space is people who put That Like extra time into it you will never Struggle With getting clients again and i know um I know that’s the case with you because I know brian last time we spoke you said

Um that you know you’ve crossed 10k per Month which is great that’s that’s the Goal of our program To help you get to 10k per month and and Beyond so well done And it shows the amount of skills that You have is is awesome It’s amazing so well done i would give This one a 9.2 I gotta say this one is a little bit Better in my opinion Um not saying that there aren’t things That you could still improve But um i like it all right We only have two more okay i saw common Skin Issues in just 10 days using a Plant-based skin routine Image and video at the top i would Assume this is a bit at the top I like the branding of this yep love This Testimonials love this How the skin detox ebook will benefit You I’m curious and maybe there is a longer Form version of this where i would see The offer because i see like the The icons and and stuff like that which By the way these Icons look similar so i would always Have like Unique icons for each section because The icon is communicating one thing that

I keep seeing Is you know it’s a mistake not from this One uh vanessa who’s made this one It’s not to you this feedback to Everyone in in general Is look at the sign in terms of visual Communicating they say a photo Communicates more than A thousand words or a photo is you know A thousand Is bigger than a thousand words or Whatever i Look at the same thing with the sign Like i think about The same thing when i’m doing design Like hey how can i communicate a Thousand words in this one image And so when it comes to icons if i say Private community Have the icon of like a community of People right And like my software for example Frameworks When we have like these sections of like Frameworks for weekly planner The icon that i’m using and i’ve sent to The developer is A planner right so anyways Um why is he not sharing my screen There we go um but yeah That’s what you know if you didn’t see I’m right Here with these icons is what i was Talking about

Um and yeah last one Two ranking ninja ranking videos in the Top five on youtube in just 48 hours To 72 hours using a secret three-step Process great hook Discover proven backdoor method again Unique methodology Person here smiling great test Credibility factor with the two comma Club Youtube branding i like this um Having one video go viral is one thing Ranking video is consistently in all Niches is Is another rank higher highlighting I guess the keywords which is awesome i Remember when So this is another member Of the program full-time funnel designer And also my one-on-one coaching And i remember when we added this the Old way the new way so let’s look at it Look for keywords that’s trending at the Moment copy other people’s videos and Hope they’ll rank that’s the old way of Doing Things right with youtube hack the Algorithm using a proven by hidden System Rank videos every single time grow your Best business passively so It’s more about ranking videos to grow Your business sell more or your products Instead of you know going viral and

Being famous for the sake of being Famous Social media famous that is monetize Then we have step one two three which is Great That’s great for logical buyers is Having like visuals and simple like one Two three Um thermal problem pattern you’ve tried This so qualifying people to say Yep that’s me sounds like me sounds like You understand me And so therefore if you can describe the Problem you can probably also describe The solution because it means that You’ve been there but you’re no longer Dealing with that you overcome it now You can help me that’s the Thought process the co-founder to rank In ninja Again results i like the graphic Um credibility again credibility with Other Uh well-known people yep This is also great is this all the Products yeah so this is a personal Brand website funnel it goes into other Programs social proof Youtube facebook page apply to work okay So yeah this one looks great too i would Give this one This actually a way to make a clean Branded funnel without too fancy Graphics

But still having that unique design to It that makes you go Yeah i can recognize this design when You see the next funnel For two branching ninja and it has like The simmer style you could be like yeah I recognize it now because of the Previous one And then we have mine right here Which you know again hard to give Feedback on just One page like this i would give this a i Mean it’s pretty simple It’s pretty simple so i would probably I’ve got probably like a 7.8 because it works a lot like it works Great Because i have very simple flow you look At all of this It’s just one call to action which is Applied to work with us So probably a 7.9 Or 8.0 and then we have this one which Is a super simple home page funnel for Me A temporary one that i haven’t updated Yet i grow and profit only So high converting sales funnels oh so Great unless You’re looking to actually make money so Selling them on a concept of funnels I haven’t even added anything to these Graphics this is a pretty simple one I do have another one obviously which is

Full Time funnel designer which is the The course where all these people are Who designed Um these funnels that i would just Shared with you so if i take a look at This one I’ll probably rank this funnel at A point Because it has everything like it Literally has everything you need In a sales page to sell a product and Also before i forget We have a winner so brian Congrats for winning 9.2 on this funnel Which is great Um so uh well done to brian you won The official 2021 uh funnel Design challenge world championships A lot full-time funnel designer approved By yours truly Ghosten so uh well done brian if you’re Not already inside a full-time funnel Designer now would be a good time to get In Learn how to build these funnels how to Get clients get my help On our weekly coaching calls i give you Feedback on your funnel instead of just Reviewing other people’s funnels And yeah if you’ve been thinking about Starting an online business Funnels is the best way in my opinion to Do that because you get to learn

So much from just building up funnels The offers Uh the copy the design the integrations Like you can build these Sales funnel system start to finish with All the Integrations and automations into their Funnels so Whatever funnel or business you want to Launch in the future for yourself You’ve now learned because you built so Many funnels for other people While actually getting paid it’s just The first one that you do for free you Get a testimonial And then you start building funnels you Charge five hundred thousand Thousand five hundred two thousand three Thousand and i would say that’s the Golden area being around three to four To five thousand Per funnel you build one per week that’s More than ten thousand a month So that’s my recommendation for you with That said That’s all for this video thank you for Being here and i will see you In the next one peace [Music] You

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