RUSSELL BRUNSON sent me THIS message!!! (Clickfunnels Co-Founder)

So someone very special maybe it’s on The title messaged me this week And i felt super grateful humbled and Honored It is mr russell bronson And so super honored he said hey i have A question For you i had a question slash favor Slash thing i want to see if i can hire You for First off this template’s beautiful all Your stuff’s amazing but i saw saturday And i was like Had a thing going through my head and Then i saw an ad that we’re running and Also i was like oh my gosh so i want to Reach out to you see if you have any Time so basically what i want to do is This is um for funnel images i’m sure You’ve seen it these are these ads Running right now It’s as you can see it’s basically just Someone building an ad In the editor but the copy that like Kind of sells the thing is like As they’re watching they’re also being Sold on the benefits of the software and Why they want it I want to do the same thing in click Funnels with templates Where the ad is us building an amazing Template like this So imagine as you built this you just Record the entire process

That is my question if you’re interested Let me know your thoughts i’ll go from There thanks man [Music] If you’re not familiar with clickfunnels Or the co-founder and genius behind it Russell brunson Here’s a short summary of who they are And what makes this moment so special For me You see click funnels is a software Company that helps you generate leads And sales with automated sales funnels But what you also see in this video is That they’re way more than just a Software company Over the last couple of years they’ve Taken the market by storm and they’ve Really become The go-to industry leaders in a category Kings When it comes to building sales funnels On the internet they’ve gone from Absolute zero to over 100 million In revenue and over a hundred thousand Active users But the thing is what makes click Funnels so different Is not just the big revenue numbers Alone even though it’s definitely very Impressive It’s the fact that they did this without Taking a massive investors and instead They bootstrapped their way to the top

Selling their offers with actual real Sales funnels that means they have to be Profitable from day one Not like big silicon valley companies Who can raise a hundred million dollars From investors and then go scaling their Advertising and go negative For a few years before they actually Start making a profit i say all of that To say if russell brunson built a Company to 100 million and a valuation Of around 1 billion dollars Using nothing but real sales funnels to Sell his own offers He’s definitely someone i want to be Around and learn from but here’s where This story takes a turn For the better you see what got me into Entrepreneurship and wanting to have an Online business was actually an ad of This free book Called expert secrets by a very Successful business owner That author and business owner was Russell brunson And since then my life has never been The same from not being able to pay the Bills And buy food as a newly married couple To my wife becoming pregnant while me Going through A failed business to finally breaking Through and making six figures in 12 Months and then scaling to multiple six

Figures after that So to say that russell changed my life Would be an understatement So when i started building funnels a Couple of years ago i just had one Goal but a pretty big one number one Don’t focus on making as much money as Possible But number two instead become the best In the world at what i do Do i think that i’m the number one in The world in my opinion that’s not even For me to decide My job is however to wake up every Single day With the goal of becoming a little bit Better learning one new thing Every single day building a few more Funnels every single week Getting a few more wow feedback Responses from My clients every single month it may be Slowly increasing my revenue and profit Every single year so my thought process Was if i just focus on building my Skills And becoming better at building funnels Every single day I will never have to struggle with Getting clients Ever again and so i set out on a journey To building a thousand Funnels yes a thousand actual real Funnels

For real clients it didn’t have to be Done in a year it didn’t have to be done In three years but i knew if i keep that As my goal the journey of getting there Will give me so much experience and real Life skills from actually doing stuff Rather than just Talking about it and trying to learn it That way it’s actually what i teach to My students and full-time funnel Designer as i’m sharing what i’m Learning As i’m building these funnels for my Clients so Anyways i say all of this to say after Building over 300 funnels over the last Couple of years Today was a pretty special day for me [Music] All right quick update for you i’ve now Spent some time designing The funnel first in sketch so i’ll show You kind of what that looks like First right now it’s empty inside of Click funnels because Again i wanted to have a general idea of Kind of how it will look inside of Sketch so this is What it will look like as a banner Or hero section at the top and then we Go Down here into launching just three Simple steps Plug and play your own phone in just 10

Minutes and the difference between a Website and a funnel And then a testimonial and kind of Talking about The results that clickfunnels has been Able to generate people As well as why they need a funnel so Pretty simple You get a free funnel template here’s Three simple steps for you to launch it And then overcoming the objection of Like oh i can do this i’m not a tech Savvy person So funnels versus website and then proof So we have a testimonial pretty simple Let me know what you think below And now let’s build it inside of click Funnels so i’m going to record my screen Build it inside of my account then send It over to russell And hopefully he uh he’s going to love It It’s also getting a little bit late here So i’m a little bit tired but Pretty happy with the results so far [Music] So there we have it that is the funnel Template and now i’m gonna send it over To russell hopefully he likes it Because i think it looks decent i think It looks clean Just like it looked on sketch i’ve just Moved it over inside of click funnels And so let me show you what it looks

Like we’re gonna preview it We’re going to basically just scroll Down And i’m going to show you what it looks Like So did we make it in 10 minutes no We made it in like 20 minutes which is Still amazing like you have a lead Funnel in 20 minutes i think that’s i Think that’s crazy that’s good So anyways uh now i’m gonna send it to Russell and russell if you’re seeing This on youtube What’s up it’s an honor to be working With you On this funnel and hopefully on a lot of Other projects in the future as well so Appreciate it and now let’s wait to hear Back from russell.

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