Sacrifice the small things to get the BIG THINGS

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The grind sucks sometimes you probably Never work a day in your life because There's a lot of stuff that sucks it's Like I don't like doing billing Like that's terrible like that's not fun Talking to 20 different people every Single day since May 1st about whether They want to sign up for something is Not fun but it's the thing that I need To do to fulfill my role right now just Name your sacrifices and usually if you Name those then the actual doing part Gets easy because you're like well what Am I gonna do like for me I get home I'm Like what else am I gonna do but keep Working on this thing anyways lots of Love for everyone I hope everyone's have An awesome day ah I agree with young Mosey it just depends on where you're at In the journey I remember that Particular video I had to confront the Fact that I was like I just don't think I'm gonna be able to take weekends Anymore I think a lot of times we have To just sacrifice to small things in Order to get the big things a lot of People are willing to make that Sacrifice a lot of people believe the Lie that you should enjoy every aspect Of business which is just setting people Up for failure I think if you embrace The suck if you embrace the sacrifice if You embrace the things that you're no Longer going to be able to do that you

Wish you could do embrace the fact that You're gonna have to start doing things That you don't want to do in order to Get where you want to go you have to Believe in that dream enough that you're Willing to do all those things in order To get there and drag that dream into The present

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