Sales Funnel Template For Onboarding A Customer To Your Product Or Training

In fact it everybody that is the coolest Thing ever I’m pretty sure I’m like a mascot at a Local elementary school now are you Serious huh offer you made cool oh yeah A huge helmet only the best whenever I Pick this stuff out – my wife looks at Me like I’m insane and I say it’s a tax Deduction honey I’ll be able to prove That I used it for business purposes How many helmets How many masks you actually have now Mute Canada I think 30 something crap we Should like you should have a wall and Just like like lined up everywhere you Seem all the time like the rednecks Around here with their deer heads and Stuff I can have like dead masks on my Wall it’d be awesome I killed that Hulk That’s too cool are you gonna keep on The web story we’re gonna die this time Well I think I’ll take it off here in Just a minute okay so what are we doing Today I do an awesome man it’s been a Crazy like growing probably three or Four weeks blogging month-long see but For the last few years but really final Gears how many funnel years yes Especially in the last few weeks but This week was amazing guys this is my First week of had a chance to actually Work in a long time what do you mean Work in a long time I see you on that Shoe dang that’s good – take that off

You know what are you talking about work My dog scared of the mask um you’re Working all the time I saw this thing You made Steven do 300 funnels in in Like 33 minutes and and you had like 8,000 funnel years and stuff since Recorded history and we can have nothing Just two decks There’s work that’s like I have tits on My calendar schedule I have to do and I Hate that kind there’s like when my Calendar has back you have me one this Is like a white circle with nothing in It Those are my days making the work that Want to it’s like that’s my special Video so that was what I got news what Week is my special days nice a guy in Your circle against my special days are Gone but I’m sure they’re glad to hear That Well thanks a lot ruffle awesome what We’ve got a whole new level the show we Got sound effect guys we’ve got sound Board that’s right that’s what we do and Just be just be aware that at some point You will probably be offended yeah I Might try to pretend this word I want You to be outright but I do it gay okay Okay Jim you son of a you can’t show That to people I’ve never got to eat my Own videos I know curse so it’s just Kind of exciting I don’t beep mine Either

We had gary vee viral video launch and So I love odd cast out like his Q&A on Our podcast but my podcast has always Been like kid-friendly so I’m like ah so I had my brother beep all of the the Gary f words and there’s a lot of them So like it’s the cleaned up versions There but then my Gary post on his Podcast like not cleaned up that’s not Something post some comment that I cross Like I keep these beeps or drive me Crazy to go to Gary’s you go listen to The hardcore version so chance to beat Myself that was pretty sad anyway thank You goodnight series I do what I can so Today well first how does everything Your side of the world Everything is fantabulous thank you for Asking I’m actually getting ready for a Big GORUCK event here in a couple of Weeks so I’ve been doing a lot of Training with my very heavy backpack and Doing squats in the middle of the road And stuff and my neighbors are looking At me and usual like I’m insane and I’ve Been working very hard on funnel scripts In case anybody has cared in fact we’re Gonna demo something that’s not even Available yet but I guess when people See it they’re gonna do it we won’t know So I guess it’ll be the thing that will Release next instead of the thing I was Going to release and as long as Everybody likes it if they don’t like it

Then I guess we’ll release it later and I know it’s looking we’re doing this 1/4 Cup raisins number one is because you’ve Got so many cool things right what’s the Cool thing you can show off you told me My Karl second thing is I found out this Shocks me people don’t know the Clickfunnels Can be your email autoresponder people I I’ve had a bike probably last week Probably doesn t play we this is an Email make oh yes yeah so we just call Them something different we call them All it funnels because it’s not just Email not limited my hang-up I like you Can also do text messages and voice Brought to earth which broadcast direct No you can actually do all types of Balls we call follow up funnels that’s Actually like the evolution but a peep Like wait so you can you know your Emails in that like to go so put more That so Jim’s in it show us some email Scripts I’m actually build an action yes You can actually do that so this is Possible all right okay so so can I can I just preface this by saying this is a This is a new script it’s it’s if Everything goes great then it’s done and If there are any hiccups then it’s in Beta that’s good okay so I’m gonna Actually pull over to my I didn’t use This in a couple weeks of remember how This all works

All right geese screech a there you go What are we gonna make this for let’s do An onboarding theme for this is our Mornings wizard right correct yeah so as You don’t click funnels like we’ve been Focusing a ton on our onboarding back Here’s the new screen curious coming as Out there playing to click funnels game Well if you haven’t get play so this is Like we uh we spent the last two and a Half months trying to get our arm Courting process Simpler so people could use clickfunnels Better so a couple of interesting things We found out as we were using going Through our software he found out there Like people that have a custom domain Stay on average like three times longer Than someone who doesn’t people who log In once a day stay like five times Longer we found out all these things That keep people is sticky longer which I great how to make a game because People actually do those things I’m so I Custom domain for example so his Customer mainly say three times longer So now used to be really hard to set a Customer made and click funnel so we we Fixed it down where it’s like you click A button you click them too many clicks By and it automatically by like welcome To be like a 20 step process so you just Buy it and then in the game we actually Buy the first domain I actually paid 20

Bucks in my pocket to buy the first Domain for people through the onboarding Process so always the big deals like Right you want to click photos now is Top screens you can see there’s a game It’s like cruising the game you click Here and there’s things that you do so You this one’s got a little Batman this Is a hero photos click on it it pulls Out it has like here’s the step by step Process you watch the video and tells You what to do to get the thing and then You go here to get stuck there’s to this Like we like become obsessed with all Right call onboarding process so I think Everybody like if you start looking for Your onboarding this huge but I think It’s for any prime so goodbye is like a Membership site of ebook or anything you Should have an arm or anything Afterwards to get it the cell to stick Right so I think we need to figure out How to do for a product with a bunch of You for cool which product you want to Do it for even like funnel you or Something like that have a funnel Scripts you know how funnel scripts Okay we can do that two birds on a Funnel scripts where were you from Scripts to scripts where we actually This is actually kind of like cheating Cuz I’ve already got an example in there For funnel scripts so that’s awesome now We went from and kids you can actually

Fill this thing out in about 20 seconds If you’re selling funnel scripts okay so I’m gonna go in mind so those who never Done action funnel it’s similar to the Funnel funnel sorry it’s it’s an action Form so you go up here to action etics The top you click on action funnels and Then your Ike’s to click create new Actions What changes maximums epaulet funds I Think that’s meaning verbage burger doll Terminology yeah I sorta clock sorry We’re starting that me starting your Into a new lexicon oh we need some we Need some cool music for this would you Say 80 minutes we’re good yeah yeah okay 8 minutes from because I started I know For cheating I don’t want to all right So go here so they call saying fun all Scripts onboarding and my group tag we Funnel scripts mmm and then you have a List as I’m King list yet so I also Create a list and I figure out SMTP I’m Just gonna create action fun right now Okay So now you’ll notice that this looks Just like a click funnels follow only The follow up funnel what so this how Works if you click add new step what’s The step I’m gonna call this email Dave Number one and so you send me delete Click add new funnel step and then There’s the first day thing and I can Click another funnel step on the email

Number two I had it and then there’s Thank you and this becomes like a fun I’m saying email farm I said like here’s The steps of the pages I’m thinking this Is the sequence I’m gonna take them Through like day three for like OD three I want to send them a protects I’m on Day two I say do a text message click Add and then now it’s like now ask me You know one email cue them in this text Message you can build out a whole Sequence of a whole bunch of stuff Emails text messages voice broadcast you Can do it with pay pixels in in Facebook You can do it with direct mail you can Do it with whole bunch of cool ninja Awesome stuff so Wow We do anyway it’s awesome alright so we Wizard this first I know what you knows I’m actually putting in here yeah that Might be a good idea um so let me I’m Gonna share my screen And here we go so can you guys see this It’s an onboarding email message funnel Sequence yep okay so basically what this Is going to do creates 11 or 12 emails For you I think 11 emails and they’re in A certain sequence the the one thing I Want to say is that even though they’re In a sequence you can mix and match them However you want if you want to use one And not use another one and replace it With something else that’s fine too There’s there’s not really a there is a

Method to the madness on this but it’s Not like this is the only one you can do On this day and that’s it so just want You to understand that because people Get caught up in the process or you know In the in the gears of it rather than You know doing it so um actually I mean My example was for funnel scripts Russell didn’t know that so let’s go Through these real quick okay so the First thing that what are we selling Were selling them funnel scripts what is It it’s a membership we’re gonna help You get better results with your sales Copy what’s the name of the person Sending the emails actually it’s going To be Russell because or Russell and Jim Yes you Westies you okay all right so Russell and Jim actually it needs to Come from one person well it’s kind of Co-creators weap well it’s designed to Come from one person so these will read A little funky if they’re coming from Too but we can fix them real quick All right well we’ll make them come from You yeah co-creator where do they access What they bought at members top funnel Scripts comm what’s the one big thing Your product or service does for them This is all about helping you create Amazing sales copy what’s the big payoff Of that one thing it’s build your Business fast with this you can build Your business fast what’s a big pain you

Help them avoid we help you get results So you can avoid or never have to be Scared of wasting time creating sales Copy that doesn’t convert you should White list the following emails all Emails from funnel scripts calm what’s Our Facebook link Facebook calm funnel Scripts What’s our Twitter link forward slash clickfunnels What’s the first thing they should do Right after they buy or sign up before You do anything else make sure you watch The quick start video where should they Go for your support desk contact our Support desk please use support at Clickfunnels comm what’s the single most Important thing they should do first the Single most important thing you can do Right now is go through and use the Headline Wizards to give all of – give All of your sales funnels posts and any Other pages you have a lot more punch And then now this one you can do Multi-line stuff so you can do like Little paragraphs and whatnot so you’re Gonna elaborate a little bit more okay So why should they do this so in this Case you know you should go through and Use the headline Wizards because and Then it’s just you know headlines for The single most important part of any Copy on the sales page you get people to Stop what they’re doing and start

Reading your copy so it’s it’s you know It’s a couple paragraphs took me a Couple minutes to write that and I Actually give them four scripts that They should go they should go check out Immediately then what you need to do is To use for all eleven of the emails No you just do it once and it writes all Eleven emails for you well how do ya Yeah yeah yo it’s cool I mean you know When you see this you’ll be like holy Crap that’s why I’m say it’s 20 minutes To write eleven emails I mean that’s Kind of yellow he knows that for me That’s probably a good five or six hour Project but I really hate it I do my Thing you know I just want to bump you up so then the New thing is basically you want to tell The Epiphany bridge or the origin story Which we have both of them to help you In funnel scripts you can you want to Tell the Epiphany bridge or the origin Story behind the product or service Whatever it is you’re selling so if you Don’t haven’t have that done yet you can Click on the link right here and each For each one it’ll pop it open in a new Window so you don’t lose what you’ve Done so you just want to tell the story You know why did you It um what’s the coolest bonus they get With this product or service I put Inception secret so here’s an amazing

Bonus we got for you it’s called Inception secrets the big payoff of the Bonus is it will immediately help you Sell more no matter what you sell how Does this bonus help them so again I Explain a little bit more and the cool Thing here with this stuff like Especially the bonus if you’ve already Written some sales copy for your website Which you probably have for your funnel Then you can just lift this off of your Existing sales copy so if you’ve written Some blurbs or or any kind of sales copy About your bonus just use that same Sales copy where they access the bonus Gives them a link so share case study of Your products or service in action so This one this one right here actually I Need this one is kind of a not a Make-believe one because I was just Coming up with the with an example I do have a really awesome case study That video that we just did with some Guys two guys who have two gold records And did six figures with the perfect Webinar wizard so this one will be done Soon and will you know have a real Example in there for this one what’s a Speed hack with your product or service So they’re these next two are basically How can people get a better faster Result and everybody talks about hacks Funnel hackers so what’s a speed hack With your product or service so I wrote

Up you know that that basically funnel Scripts makes it super easy for you to Create the first draft and then so I Tell people how to get the best results Which is basically four steps fill out The script hit the button read the Output and then as you read the output And come to a bold section if it doesn’t Read right then ask yourself what should This say here and then just jump back up The form change the wording hit the Build button again and then just repeat Steps two through four until it’s Perfect and it’ll be done really quick So that’s a speed hack an effort hack is Basically something that’ll make it Easier and faster for people to use your Product so I just did a few sentences About how they can use funnel script To reduce effort and then this one here What’s some existing content you’d like To share with them so what I did was I Went through the clickfunnels blog and I Found some copywriting related stuff That was already created I found three Different things that people should go Check out about copywriting like you Added stuff right but it’s stuff that’s Already done yeah and then and you could Do anything here I mean you could send Them to posts specific things on your Facebook page videos I mean it’s just They’re coming into your funnel they They don’t know all this stuff you’ve

Got all these these goods in your larder Pull a few out and show them and then How can they give you feedback you know You can give us feedback reply to this Email go this URL whatever so you know Again 20 25 minutes to write all these Emails so we click the build button okay So you program more noises of that Machine DB can I what program different Noises into your machine thing you know We see the way the problem is that’s Copyrighted and they’d probably then Come after us Hey wait waiting garth came after school I’m more worried about YouTube shutting Us down so alright here’s the first Email I don’t know if we want to show on To but it’s basically here’s the first Email what file scripts welcome hey There my name is Russell I’m the Co-creator of funnel scripts I want to Take them in and welcome you to the team On behalf of myself and the entire Funnel scripts family we want you to Know how excited we are that you decide To join us you can access your funnel Scripts membership here at members Funnel scripts comm what you should Expect from us funnel scripts is all About helping create amazing sales copy So you can build your business fast and Avoid wasting time creating sales copy That doesn’t convert we’re all about Helping you get the absolute best

Results with your sales copy so here are Three steps to get the absolute best Results with funnel scripts step 1 white List all the emails from final scripts Com If you don’t do this you can miss Critical updates news and alerts and you Won’t get the full benefit of funnel Scripts step number 2 follow us on Social media join us over on social Media so you can stay up to On everything it’s important in the World of sales copy so here’s our Facebook here’s our Twitter get the most Out of your membership make sure to Watch the quick start video right now This will help you get off for a fast Start using phone scripts to create Amazing sales copy tech support if you Have any problems accessing anything Please contact us at support that close Click phones calm see you soon Russell Co-creator funnel scripts PS next few Days gonna be very exciting we’re gonna Send you’d be sending you some books Some bonus content case studies and Other cool stuff to help you build your Business faster Boyd wasting time Creating sales copy it doesn’t convert So stay tuned and we’ll see you soon That’s four that was fantastic Okay you wanna know if you want to see The next one yeah we he said that to me Timer start plugging into these emails

Here sure I’ll send you all of the Emails all at once oh cool I mean there this is the I just I just Wrote all those all those emails are Done I thought you you want me to copy And paste it or do you want me to send You the text file text file / okay all Right hang on one sec there will be a Slight pause let’s have a musical Interlude all we’re doing is we just Play the clip fun of rap you guys all Hear this yesterday amazing study deep Placing the divorce even got me back Thinking about doing a little rapping You know you rap like that um actually I Can I’m not gonna do it right now but When Greg season and I get together we Can we can throw it down Run DMC Old-school [Music] There you go okay so that was the first Day right I just sent you the the thing With all the emails in it so the next Day you want to say thank you email Right so you know funneled scripts hey Thanks again Hey there Russell co-creator from Scripts here just want to follow up with You from yesterday say thank you again For your wise decision to get the phone Scripts membership reminder you can Access funnel scripts here if you have Any problems accessing anything please Contact us and our help desk use and

Support click for support at Clickfunnels We’re here to help you and nothing makes Us happier than to see you succeed with Your sales copy another quick reminder If you haven’t already please drop what You’re doing right now and go watch the Quick start video is the most critical Step for you getting off to a fast start To build your business and avoid wasting Time creating sales copy that doesn’t Convert so don’t wait please do this now If you haven’t already seeing a maximum Benefit from your final scripts Membership Toxie and Russell co-creator Funnel scripts PS keep your eyes peeled For an email from me in the next day or So where I’m going to show you how to Get a quick win with funnel scripts and Start seeing amazing results with your Sales copy fast all right so this next One is the fast win email and tell me When you want me to stop I mean I’m I’m Just I do that so you see I see a web News so I just created a first email Here inside of action etics and I’m just Copying and pasting and oh my gosh that Was the whole thing I don’t know if Anyone really understands how much pain I go through ready emails like it’s the My least favorite part of our entire Business I’d rather like do anything That this and look at that phone dude it Sucks

Understand that I don’t like I love Building phones but I hate writing you Know and I understand I have such like I Hate it so bad but I even write what you Like writing sales letters even yeah Oh Everything yeah some thing about it I Don’t know why I have such pain Associated with it because it’s because It’s a pain in the ass that’s why it’s a Pain in it makes you feel like So they don’t say to all these links That Jim had in there I’m hyperlinking Your mom so so you know what let’s talk About what the I’m gonna I’m going to Stop sharing my screen here for a second So that you can see my ugly mug but um Let’s talk about what the philosophy is Behind onboarding I mean the purpose of Onboarding at the beginning it’s – it’s To get people to here’s your here’s how You get your stuff because that’s the Number one hurdle is I bought it when do I get it how do I access it that’s the Number one thing people run into then What you want to do is you want to make Sure they’re getting your emails so you Send a shorty the next day saying Basically thanks and if you have any Problems contact us here then what you Want to do is get these people to start Using whatever they have bought from you Because if they use it they’re much less Likely to refund and they’re much more Likely to actually get the result that

They wanted in the first place so that They’ll stay subscriber they’ll stay a Member They’ll stay a loyal customer and then What your object is to do is to then Teach them how to get even better Results so you need to get them that First result quickly then you need them To help them get more results and better Results till finally they’re in a Position where all they can do is tell Everybody how amazing you are and and Refer their friends does that make sense Oh it’s like we call like like often They would drag lift letters were so Like straight to the sell build Relationship help yeah it’s like there’s So many yeah most people don’t do it Because they’re just like oh I sold the Thing I got the money I want to message Them begins like no my texts when you Start messaging them in building the Relationship but it’s hard to write the Emails too so what we’ve done here I Don’t know which email you’re on about Look if there’s even look how cool what You know it’s like there’s email one That we set out hey easy now so crazy Cool so I’m gonna say this I could put One space between the hey there and my Name’s Russell it kicks up so other Thing is like you listen your email like Put in your phone you see like you see The names subject line they see

Something else this is a little secret Inside ashtec’s this buddy here says Pretty So this is your second email Highline You click on here that can be like open For awesome stuff you know and now There’s a second headline that shows up In the email inbox so it’s like name Subject line pre head Nope somebody noticed even in there you Got a second headline it yes yes okay I Saved it Boom so then check out email everyone’s Done so you look at this it’ll show me As like right now it says it’s partying Will you see this this pause right I Said I’ve just all done I can unpause it And then I do it I’ll see it will come In it’ll show me how people in queue to Get this email how many these emails Been sent let me fail them and open Every click so you kind of see in real Time what’s happening as people are Moving down through this through this Follow-up funnel here like I knew the Subject let’s click here and it a sub From so from russell brunson here’s a Subject line so subject line jim sent me With funnel strips welcome boom and now Email number one is done i would Probably lose me i probably changed the Name of this to an email day one to like Welcome like remember what it’s actually Happening actually in there there’s one

Now gonna email number two in the phone So you do squeeze page sales page or Before i same thing it’s just what’s the Second message even though they to pick My template food that fast i got a Template opening the email editor I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna start Going back to do so I’ll keep copy Pasting where you’re talking about Jim Okay so I’m gonna share I’m gonna show My screen again okay so you guys see the You guys see my screen again right yeah So the next one it says fast and me zoom In one more It says fast when email well again this Is we want to get them a result as fast As we can no matter what you’re doing no Matter what you’re selling you want These people to get a fast result if It’s an e-book you want them to go to The page of the e-book where they can Just see that this is amazing it’s like It this is the one thing out of here or If it’s a regular book you give them a Page number if it’s a video or a webinar Or something you give them a timestamp Whatever it is um you want them to get Their fastest wins so hey there Russell Scripts with a quick update I want to Tell you hanging get a fast one of the Phone scripts and really set your sales Copy efforts on fire so you can build Your business fast and avoid wasting Time creating sales copy that doesn’t

Convert so you notice we’re hammering That one big idea of the carrot and the Stick it’s like this is the big thing we Know you bought four and this is the Thing you want to avoid so I’m gonna Keep on hammering on that and then Bringing it back to funnel scripts so The single most important thing you do Right now let’s go through and use the Headline Wizards to give all of your Sales funnels posts and any other pages You have a lot more punch so you do this Because headlines are the single most Important part of any sales copy on Sales pages to get people to stop what They’re doing and start reading your Copy on videos they make people stop Scrolling and start watching on blog Post headlines and make people stop Scrolling read article headlines are Literally the secret sauce when it comes To sales company of the most impact the Fastest on any business no matter what You sell so make sure you check out These specific funnel scripts to help You with your headlines fast so I’ve got Killer headlines million dollar content Headlines short headlines and million Dollar sales headline so I got four Different scripts here that they can go Check out so there you have it the Fastest path to your first sales copy Win is with full script again if you Have any questions or concerns please

Contact our help desk using support at Click phones calm talk soon PS next time I’m going to share with you a personal Story behind phone scripts we really Pull back the curtain for you and help You understand the big why that makes us Work so hard to help you with your sales Copy so the the big reason why you want To do this if you haven’t read dot-com Secrets which of course is like a mortal Sin in the dot-com and the funnel Scripts no youth tournament right now Click funnels thing yeah turn in your Click funnel shirt but now we want to Start we want to get them a result and We start we want to start drawing them Closer to us right so the way to drawn Close for you is to tell why behind the Product and stuff so um you know hey There rust from funnel scripts here with A quick story for you a lot of people Have asked why we created funnel scripts What’s the story behind all this hard Work and dedication of course we’re all About helping you get great results with Your sales copy that’s our number one Goal but our commitment dedication to Help you build your business fast and Avoid wasting time creating sales copy That doesn’t convert goes deeper than That much deeper so Wanted to share with you the story Behind phone scripts you can understand The reason we do what we do and why we

Care so much about your sales copy Success let me tell you now this one This is actually my origin story but it It doesn’t really matter because it Could be yours too because I don’t so Let me just read this let me tell you Quick story about the time I was telling Trying to sell a brand new product I’d Spent months creating at the time I was Trying to sell an audio CD program I Poured my heart and soul into our Struggling with getting mice and by the Way all of this copy right here I made Using the origin story script that’s in Font script so I could have used the Epiphany Bridge script but the origin Story strip just was more appropriate For this particular one they’re both They both work great and they’re both There and you could even use them both And see which one sounds better for this Particular thing so I was getting more And more scared frustrated and scared That I was that I’d wasted months of my Life on this project I was puttering Along and then the bottom fell out from Under me I started running traffic from My small email list to offer to the Offer and nobody was buying it was Looking more and more like I couldn’t Keep working from home and would have to Go find a real job again as you can Imagine I was in bad shape and desperate But I wasn’t ready to give up on my

Dream of using the internet to sell my Products and really help people make a Difference in their lives it was at that Moment that I discovered the power of Using sales copy blueprints and Templates and at that point everything Changed I finally figured out how to Model successful sales copy patterns Test specific elements of sales copy Make creating sales copy fun and Profitable and because I discovered how To use sales copy blueprints and Templates I was able to create all the High converting sales copy I could ever Need massively increase my income and Spread my message and make a huge Difference in people’s lives so now I’m Living my dream of consistently using The Internet to sell my products and Really help people make a difference in Their lives and just as importantly I Never have to worry about struggling the Right sales copy ever again and that’s Why we’re so passionate about funnel Scripts because with phone scripts you Can experience using the Internet to Sell your products and really help People to making difference in their Lives to without the stress of trying to Write all your sales letters emails ads And other sales copy from scratch so That’s the story behind funnel scripts And as you can see What we do and why we care about you and

Your results goes way deeper than just Sales copy talk soon so I mean you could Use that one that’s I mean I’m sure You’ve got something in there You’ve sold Nala do seat me before you Go through here um but I mean that Reno’s in on the same fly in this so do You guys want me to keep going or just We’ll watch Russell one second so I’m Just copying and pasting you know hard Work okay so basically I’ll just show You guys real quick we’ve got a let’s Get social email so this is where you’re Inviting them to come and join you on Social media then we we remind them About a cool bonus which is either one That’s already in there that they’re not Gonna remember they got anyway or some Unadvertised bonus then we got a case Study email which you need you’re gonna Have to hold off on that one until we Get this other one finished but that Should be this week and then we got the Cool speed hack email and we’ve got the Effort hack email then we got the link To existing content which dude this is That’s like brilliant that’s like the That’s like cheating Yeah then we got the feedback email it’s The last one where basically you’re just Asking them to just close that loop with You and you’re trying to get a Testimonial or a case study or something Of that nature so that’s the 11 emails

That this thing writes for you again if It took you 30 minutes to to fill in the Form here on clickfunnels when how can You go wrong I mean it’s it’s so that And and I will tell you guys not to toot My own horn or whatever you know that Took a long time to put all that Together that’s like a month’s worth of Work to make that thing work So you see photo stream members you get This entire thing for free because Jim Loves you you work for free for you guys Year-round is you remember as long as You keep paying your membership yeah but I mean I guess we should release that When now ready for it my account All right so when once we get done I’ll Have I’ll have I’ll it’ll be on there by The end of today how about that so cool I honestly a munch Kitty I told you this Like there’s no more bigger pain point For me in the business than this like a Whole day through the whole day to write Email try a tenday email sequence and it Took the whole day I was miserable and Angry the whole time because kick Psyched Thing is it’s always easier to rewrite Something is than it is to write it in The first place so maybe the email is Not exactly what you would say and how You would say it but you’ve got all the Right pieces they’re all your Legos and You can um you just say it how you would

Say it Speaking of Legos we got boxes of Monster Legos here Jimmy have you come To your Lego presentation al yet Something legals laying around here you Need to send me a box of Lego’s done you Need to sign them although every these Are genuine wrestle Legos it was funny We did that so if you uh we did that Live training where I did it with the People at first I was like how much Would it cost people these Legos home Awake I don’t know what you got which Would you pay yeah Do you want me to sign it or not signed It’s a Benjamin you know just just Obviously we’re not gonna get all these Done here but but what is your what are Your thoughts I mean this is one way of Onboarding them the thing that I the way That I laid all this out and I tried to Make it as as cool for every single type You know a physical product a supplement An MLM you know a service coaching ebook Software I mean all those things what What are your thoughts or what is your Intention when your onboarding somebody You know essentially because um I think A lot of us marketers or whatever we Like ourselves like we’ll spend so much Time creating the funnel and the traffic And add all stuff I mean ever it’s it’s Like probably the most important part For steak and for a future sales only

Sure no time Woo Very few of us ever folks on so is in Tribute to our business right now I’m About he weeks away from rolling this Thing out but it’s is it all morning Not only just for I guess onboarding Fern somebody joins my list Like what something joins my world I Want all more them as well I guess it’s So interesting how I think you’re Looking at the wrong camera sorry I 10 Cameras which one turn to your left There you go there is if I close this Down to the camera say now okay now You’re back over there okay three Monitors screws me anyway on like we’re Building an onboarding sequence the Literacy’s one joins our list like Here’s the onboarding I there in my Whirling I got a it’s all of a sudden Thinking more about that like when Something comes into your world so just Like I’m Cynthia you know it’s a Southern products like on boredom it’s You and your tech in my your world and Like why should care about you might Show in your emails like and like you Linking to your contents like I didn’t Think about that way similar order we Like my initial email sequences like Would it I know I was thinking if my mom Was to buy my product right now I’m Taking her through a process like what

Would be the order that I would Introduce things to her in right right My mom knows nothing about this whole Island guy hey mom you should go watch The action exchanged a good I don’t even Know you know him on first step watch This video I did three years ago but This is his friend best foundation watch That first and tomorrow go do the I like And something trying to strategically Think through that I think that Everything we’re doing like as soon as We get somebody to enter our world or Buy a product or anything it’s like most Of us stop at that point is we’re so Focused on the sale the sale to sell the Cell is like like because that’s the Sales like the beginning of this thing Right you doc I’m sorry secrets it’s the Beginning of the value ladder and most Right folks are the first selling we Stop that’s what we did a presentation That funnel hacking live last year Call it was called fallen funnels and I Did the math for every was it for every Dollar we made in a funnel food that Follow-up email and onboarding and Pushing through the other funnels It was a 16 you know it has 16 X 16 Times we made through through this site And just like the follow-up funnels and The on board like that process and so It’s like no one thinks about or does it But it’s very much

Wharton part so i think it for me the Way i visualize it is and the way I Think mechanically we do it is is when We launch something we think of this Crowd that’s going to come and take a Look at it and how many people in that Crowd can I get to convert in the funnel Right I mean that’s mentally that’s how I see it But then where all this stuff I mean I’ve had follow-up funnels I didn’t call It a follow-up funnel but I mean I’d Follow up funnels and had as many as Three years of messages in it that Worked for a long time and then that the Only thing got to do is just make sure You keep stuff up-to-date don’t don’t Like have stuff disappear but what what Helped me the most was to envision the Follow-up funnel one person at a time Just like you did with your mom think About your avatar think about your ideal Customer and walk them personally Through the funnel one person at a time Not trying to lead a group in the Follow-up funnel like you’re thinking in Terms of making the sale on the front But literally envision your perfect Customer leading them taking them by the Hand from that instant of purchase into The future to work with you and stick With you and I think that’s that will SH If you do that you will do the right Thing if that makes sense yeah we we did

So in the direct I’m sorry like I would You or sales and for two summers and They always taught us that 80% of sales They at least five follow-ups and most Sales guys give up after just use the One shot forty two what percent of them Give up after just one follow-up and Like you keep doing over and over and Over again onboard it’s your own Presence ice pretty yeah but yeah Probably five times yeah well I think Before so many people buy that follow up Though also in this case they’ve already Bought but what we’re trying to do is Solidify the relationship and I think That that takes constant you can’t just Get married and then you know be nice to Your wife for a week and then expect her To stick at you for ten years That just don’t I mean you got its its Building that relationship so you know What I tried to design into the sequence Came from my experience over the last Twenty years and if you notice for that First ten days or whatever it is I’m not Trying to sell them anything all I’m Trying to do is get them to use what They bought and then with that final Feedback thing you’re trying to get them To acknowledge that hey this has been Really great value and then you can move Them into those many funnels of hey Here’s a here’s a cool Evergreen webinar That you can watch and then I’m gonna

Hammer you for five I mean I’m gonna Give you value add for five days and Then a movie to the next to the next to The next but I think it’s key to really Solidify that relationship at least That’s what I interpreted an onboarding Funnel should do i I think it’s yeah so For everyone listening right now live or Recorded like like that are thinking Through that part of it like that’s According it’s it’s after she said yes The first day like what’s the rest of The process how do you get people not Just give you 30 bucks for your e-book But now they’re paying you a thousand And ten thousand then a hundred thousand Because that relationship it comes Through this this process are talking About so I love it this is function just Like I hope you guys all know II the Click phones and Senate you know now Like it does that too so there you go Little scripts on steroids you know Saying we we do any the best way to end This episode is [Music] We need with the study D like face I’m Trying to convince my wife to let me Paint our rolls like that she is just Not hip to that I don’t understand why She sees the video she’ll understand Okay you breathe my best local ones That’ll help I think there you go cool Oh everybody enjoyed this everybody on

Social media just quit quite I mean to Everybody like that are you guys excited To get your hands on this yeah nose Pumps excite over there if they aren’t Rustled that means they hey money ID if You’re gonna beat me they must wait give The beep ready they must hate money Where you go very cool well thanks June That’s funny I appreciate you that You’re hanging out with us today you see Even problem the camera and everything And so tell them what they can do if They’re not members of film scripts yet And they want to get there they want to Get their hands on this amazing new Script that will be in there officially By this afternoon well I need my dirty Glasses to pitch this thing if you are Not to member it a funnel scripts the Only opportunity you have from that hate Money is to sign up immediately at or slash go You need to watch the webinar because You let me know if I need it then go to Phone scripts comm watch the webinar Will pitch you on the fact that you need This that you need it so just go do it I go to photo scripts are calm / go get Your cab final scripts today and if not Using clickfunnels for your follow-up Funnels and your emails and everything Else you must hate money that’s the only Logical thing so there you go there’s a Hard pitch well done

Clark you were way better than me like You are good off-the-cuff anyway I Appreciate that thank you Great job guys awesome a [ __ ] makes Everybody see you guys later bye guys

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