Sales Tip For Designers • TALK SLOW 🐢

Here's a sales tip for designers that Will help you land more projects so when We're in a call with a prospect we start To feel nervous we start to feel anxious And the first thing that we do as humans When we feel nervous is we start to Speed up and we start to talk faster When we start to get frantic and the Faster you talk the more sketchy and Salesy you seem so what you need to do Is you need to take a deep breath you Need to slow your speaking and the Slower you speak the more you have time To think about what you're going to say And it makes you seem more confident and More competent and so slowing down your Speech is going to make the whole Conversation go much more smoothly plus You don't know when the prospect might Be stuck on something you said minutes Ago and if you're talking too fast You're going to leave them behind and You're going to lose the sales so slow Down to get more sales

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