Sales tips for freelancers – don’t be salesy

Here's a killer sales tip for designers That will help you land more projects so In your first interaction with the Prospect whether that's a phone call a Zoom caller in person they're all Expecting you to be salesy right they All know that you're trying to get them To spend money with you so what you need To do instead of just diving right in And pitching them and talking about why You're the best and what you can offer Just ask them a simple question say you Know talk to me about what you guys got Going on and then we'll see if we're a Good fit to help you out and this is Going to catch them off guard and it's Going to come across as really genuine And it's going to set a great tone of Trust and allow them to be relaxed and Open up to you they're not going to feel Like you're being pushy or salesy and Then your chances of Landing them as a Client go way way up because you come Across as someone that's trustworthy and Not desperate for work but instead Someone that's there to help them out

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