Semflow: The SEO Plugin for #Webflow

Using Sim flow is super easy it's going To show up right inside the webflow Designer and walk you through the entire Setup process once this is ready to go You can launch Sim flow and it's going To run your first audit this is going to Check all of the important SEO factors And it's going to return a score Will show each individual page of your Website including CMS pages and show you The individual ranking elements of each Of those pages and then it'll walk you Through the whole process from setting a Page keyword checking if the page title Is set and that that page title contains The keyword it's also going to check That your H1 is set and that it contains The keyword it's going to check your H2S Through h6s It's also going to check your meta Description to make sure that it Contains your keyword and that it's the Proper length Sim flow will then check the page word Count making sure that the page keywords Are utilized inside each page and Finally it'll check all of your image Alt tags if you wish to exclude some of Your pages from your audit you can click The toggle right here at the bottom and Rerun your audit now Sim flow also comes With its own dashboard where you can Track the scores and progress of each Individual site you can even rename each

Of these projects and it'll show you When each one was last crawled we can't Wait for you to try out semflow

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