Setting Blog Post Visibility in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We will discuss your blog post settings Visibility First select site and funnels on the Main menu Second select blog on your sub menu And then third click the new blog post Button on the upper right corner of your Page if you do not have an existing blog Post If you have an existing blog post click On the gear icon across the blog post You will find in the upper right corner Of the page the visibility section Click the public radio button if the Blog post is ready to be viewed by Everyone On the other hand click on the draft Radio button if the blog is only ready To be viewed by site administrators or Editors After making the changes click the Create post button located on the upper Right corner or bottom right corner of The page if you're working on a new blog Post If you're working on an existing blog Post click the save and close button Located on the upper right corner or Bottom right corner corner of the page

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