Settings: Styles in ClickFunnels 2.0

The Ultimate Settings: Styles in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In this video we’re going to discuss Styles you can access your styles by Going to settings by clicking on the Left hand side of the page on the tab Marked settings Once you’re on the settings page you can Click on the Styles tab to go to the Styles dashboard Now that we’re on the Styles dashboard Let’s take a look at it’s layout At the top there’s a search Styles bar You can use this bar to search for a Style by name As you can see beneath the Styles search Bar you can also see all existing styles That are set up in the account For now let’s click the black new style Button at the top right hand corner of The page Creating a new style is as simple as Adding a name for the style in this case Let’s use the name The education example If we wanted us to get rid of this Because we decided we did not need this Style we could click discard but in this Case let’s click create style to finish The creation process Now that we’ve created our style

We can edit the style clone it Or customize our design let’s start by Editing our style As you can see at this point all there Is to change is the name of the style However if we wanted to remove this Style from our account because we didn’t Need it we could always click remove Style to delete the style Cloning a style creates an exact copy of That style which can be useful if you Want to create many copies of a style That are slightly different in short Order Finally we can customize our Style by Clicking on customize designs On this page we can choose how to how Our style will interact with a page Funnel or course that we create Specifically We can choose fonts Colors Shadow Border Buttons and Corners let’s start off with Fonts These fonts will deal with text boxes in Your account You can change the base font size on the Dashboard or mobile view as you can see By these icons to the left And you can change the fonts themselves In this case let’s change the font in The headline

We can change the font family And as you can see the headline in all Of these size examples changed Accordingly We can also change the letter spacing The line height As well as the size of the font And do the same thing for the mobile View This means that These changes will be visible on the Desktop and these if someone is visiting Your site via a mobile device Let’s go back to fonts as you can see We’ve changed the headline of the sub Headline and content have remained the Same you can perform the same or similar Changes to the sub headline and content If you wish to save your changes click Update if you wish to discard them click Discard In this case we’re going to save these Changes so I’m going to click update We can now go back to the style guide And as you can see the changes are Retained Next up let’s check out colors Colors affect the text boxes and text in Your funnel You can choose to adjust the palette in Your funnel Using the theme colors here As you can see both text a link the link Icon and the background of this dark

Text box have been affected if you Wanted to affect a specific background Type You can change the colors by selecting The background and the fonts within it Respectively In this case just to demonstrate the Difference let’s click discard As you can see Both the font and the text box color Have reverted to how they were before we Change them Next up let’s talk about Shadow As you can see this text box has a light Shadow this one has a medium Shadow and This one has a heavy Shadow for Styles One two and three respectively you can Choose which style you wish to change by Choosing one two or three in the shadow Settings You can choose if the shadow is outset Or inset that is to say radiating from The edges or pouring into the text box You can change the direction of The Shadow As well as the uh its height or depth You can choose how blurry the shadow is And how much area it spreads to cover Finally you can choose to give the Shadow a color In this case we’ll discard these changes And go go back to the main menu Next up borders Like the shadow we can choose one two or

Three for Border style one two or three We can choose if we want the border to Be Checked or dashed or or dot dotted and We can choose a color for the Border We can also choose to make the stroke Heavier which in the case of dots or Dashes creates a larger and more Striking effect We’ll click update to change the to save These changes and then go back to the Style guide Next up buttons these will be the Default button Styles in your account Again button style one two or three Controlled by one two or three We’ll start by changing the background Color As you can see it’s gone from pink to Blue we can also change the font And make all the font changes that we Made earlier we can change the color Change the text casing And change the decoration We can also add a shadow to the text Using a similar tool to the one that we Used when we were updating the shadow We cannot do the same for the subtext as Demonstrated on the set of buttons to The right Finally we can change the border for our Buttons in the same way that we set the Border on the previous set of tools For now let’s update

And go back to our style guide Finally we come to Corners we can choose One two or three Choose whether we want our Corners to be More rounded or more Square And choose whether we want to make Different ordered and Corner decisions Depending on the location on the text Box For instance if we just wanted the top Right top left to be rounded we could Just round the top left Let’s update And go back to the style guide Now we’ve created a style guide that is Uniquely our own We can go back to the website And in so doing create our funnels Courses and Pages using this tool set Let’s go back to the website now Now that we have a new style set up we Can use this style with our Pages Courses and funnels That will be covered in a later video For now if you have any other further Questions or concerns please don’t Hesitate to reach out to our excellent Tech support staff or to check out other Academy documents or videos for more Information Have a great day.

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