Shopify vs Clickfunnels: DID I SWITCH?!

Is russell brunson the founder of click Funnels using shopify in one of his Funnels that’s what we’re going to cover In this video along with if you should Be using shopify or click funnels a Quick comparison but not the techie Typical boring side of things instead What you’re going to learn in this video Is why i love them both how i’m using Them both a brand that will recently Launch and also if you’re thinking that Shopify isn’t for funnels i’ve actually Done over 10 000 in a week by adding Upsell pages in shopify for one of my Clients and as i hinted in the opening Statement some tea about russell brunson And shopify i’m making it dramatic it’s Not as dramatic but you’ll see why Maybe they used shopify or one of their Funnels but let’s dive in also let’s see If we can cover this in less than five Minutes clock starts now so let’s start Off by a funnel that i built in shopify This week for our brand new coffee me And the homies created some coffee you Can see the imagery you can see that i’m Following the same structure as i Usually do on a funnel right so first we Have the problem to say goodbye to Crappy coffee it’s more than coffee it’s A way of life and images to back that up Sort of added some custom graphics to The images to i don’t know spice it up a Little bit and then ship directly to

Your door the main benefits and all of That and then after we have emotional Buyers and i’ll explain to you why this Is so important here in a second but we Then go to logical buyers and overcome Objections like okay how does it work It’s subscription it’s a one-time Purchase is it for percolators is it Pour over is it beams all of that is Here in this little section i’ve tried To use icons to explain it back it up With copy keep it simple and short and So we go down here immediately after i Have a call to action to get them to Purchase we have more products and then We go into education mode with the blog Post you can see even here i have the Custom branding on those blog posts but The reason why if we go back to why We’re using shopify here is that this One is sell via content and multiple Products for a brand that has a Community we don’t have 90 subscribers As of now but you can see that we have Podcasts we talk about you know business What’s happening in the world right now All of the good stuff and then people Who want to purchase from us not just Because they love the coffee but because They love our brand they can go here get Merch coffee all of that good stuff now Compare this to A sales funnel like this one so this is A one product funnel so you scroll down

You see custom offer you get all this This and that going down here our Mission what you’ll get in the bundle Like this is for one offer one straight Line to the order form and then once you Click the order form you’re taking to Simple order form like this whereas you Know you can customize this more Compared to shopify that looks you know A little bit more simple so that’s Another reason why like you have one Product you can use click funnels when You build a brand you can have shopify And why not use both and i’ll share you Know more examples of people using both At the end of this video another reason Why people use click funnels versus Shopify is for upsells so like i Mentioned in the beginning i’ve helped a Client add another 10 000 in just a week By adding upsell pages they obviously Had the traffic the brand and everything I just went in and added something Similar to this this is not the brand I’m just showing you it was pretty Limited what i was able to do inside of Shopify and then in click funnels this Is another upsell page that i’ve created In click funnels and again you can see That it’s more customizable and i can Add whatever i want because it’s drag And drop whereas if we go into the Shopify store you can see that if i Change anything here there’s limited

Options for me to choose from and so It’s just not as good for beginners who Are not able to code and speaking of Code i going to talk to you about why Russell brunson was using shopify in one Of his funnels the reason why i think This is so interesting because if you Take a look at this t-shirt this is josh ford a really Good friend of mine and then russell Brunson the co-founder of clickfunnels And they recently did a podcast show you Can see here sort of similar to what we Are doing 3 000 Views and from these 3 000 views you Then get Traffic that you can send where you know Wherever you want so what they did is They set up a funnel like this and it’s Basically you can see this little Graphic right here it’s a live tracker That says winning josh has 18 t-shirts Sold and russell had 14 at the time that they did this it’s Now you know ended but the fascinating Thing is this funnel is funneling people Through Clickfunnels to purchase and what i Found interesting was and some people Made a video about this and found it odd I think it totally makes sense if you Look at what they’re doing the content The offer the sales funnel is is on Social media and sales funnels and click

Funnels if i go down here and let’s say I want to support josh sorry russell i Can go here choose the size and i’ll add The cart and we scroll down and we see Okay this is on shopify so someone would Say like oh why is russell using shopify To sell his t-shirts i thought he was You know he’s the co-founder of Clickfunnels isn’t he supposed to be Using clickfunnels all the time well That makes sense if you just think about It from that like blind narrative or Whatever but then i have also found in My investigating journalism you can see This for example is a funnel swag shop That they’re using in click funnels so They’re using it to sell products here’s A live funnel store as well where you Can do the same thing right you can Basically choose the quantity the size And you can fill it out here uh let’s Say i want one that’s extra large next Step i can fill this out next step i can Purchase they even added an upsell here With the order bump you know if i want To have this thicker bottle and the hat I build funnels whatever secure swag so They’re using clickfunnels to sell Everything else right it’s just because Of this live tracker but i thought it Was interesting because some people are Like what russell is using shopify no It’s just custom code and from my Understanding they just wanted to launch

Something immediately and have it live There so that people the audience could Be like okay we’re winning josh we’re Winning russell we’re winning because We’re getting more you know t-shirts Sold than the other opponent because It’s smackdown so that’s why you know Now everybody can relax but at the end Of the day i’m not saying that everybody Should be using clickfunnels i’m not Saying that everybody should be using Shopify i’m saying i love both i’m using Both shopify as a foundation here’s the Brand here’s you know all the products That we have At the same time you can see that we’re Educating people with the blog so as of Right now i know click funnels are Updating their blog features that’s Coming soon but as of right now shopify Has better seo and rank higher when it Comes to a blog post than click funnels Again click funnels is about getting Leads getting sales and getting clients But yeah this is pretty much it i’ll you Know tell my video editor anton to just Scroll down you can see the entire Funnel slowly so you can see what it Looks like that’s pretty much how i Designed it with these graphics to make It feel like a funnel to make it convert Like a funnel and it did convert it Converted better than we expected Actually multiple times more than we

Expected i was kind of conservative and Said hey we’re gonna probably get like 10 or 20 Customers who purchase our coffee some People got the merch and all that which Is fun because it’s always fun to create Something and we’re super super happy And proud of of this brand so that’s What we’re using shopify here i will Moving forward i will design a funnel in Click funnels for our coffee but that’s Just for the best selling product so What we’re doing now sending out content Getting traffic people choose what they Want to purchase because they trust the Brand let’s trust the people behind it And now we go okay you have a winning Product now let’s launch a funnel and This is where you go from warm traffic To cold traffic and you can say for cold Traffic we’re going to pay 30 dollars And try to make 20 30 back on the front End we’re just gonna try to break even And once we do that we get the leads and Customers for free we can upsell stuff To them if someone wants a t-shirt a Hoodie more coffee we’re gonna win on The back end and so that’s why russell Once said amateurs focus on the front End and professionals focus on The back end because that’s where the Real money is made so moving on here Found something else that was Interesting redline steel they’ve made

Over close to or i believe over 100 Million now in like six years or seven Years if we just go here actually let’s Go to their main site first so obviously This is on shopify or custom code or WordPress And what they’ve done here is a funnel Embedded onto their store and that was Always interesting because i know he’s You know he has like all these big Awards from click funnels and it’s Because of their front-end offers i went To deal deal of the week And you can see actually i have it here You can pull it up offer ends at Midnight double heart cross and this is A click funnels funnel to sell this Cross right deal of the week 27 order Yours today and again it’s on Clickfunnels but the main brand is built On a foundation like a shopify Or woocommerce or whatever so again use Clickfunnels to validate to then scale And then build your foundation As of right now if it’s e-commerce you Build it on like shopify for an example And if it’s digital products or clients And you need like a home page you need Application you know funnel event Funnels all of that go into click Funnels because you can use the template That looks beautiful not like these and No offense like if you look at some of These funnels they look like old school

Traditional internet marketing funnels No offense again like i would be happy To redesign this for you but it doesn’t Look great you know and so uh the Product is great that’s why people Purchase it they trust the brand but the Funnel itself if you wanna you know Scale it with cold traffic in my opinion You know there’s a lot of improvements To be made there so that’s it you can See why they were using clickfunnels you Can see why they were using shopify Because the custom code is when people Purchase in the order form it goes Directly to the tracker you can see Who’s winning on the smackdown that’s The t that’s the controversy around this Topic not that it is and hope i’m not You know blowing it up or whatever Because it’s not a big deal and you can See why you know the you know people are Using both and why they love both of These platforms so with that said Hopefully you like this video if you Want to learn more how we build these Funnels and how i build and design Different things even if it was in Shopify because some people ask me hey What if i’m not using click funnels is The course still valuable full-time yes we focus on Conversion we focus on offer positioning Messaging design email follow-up and Everything that converts a visitor to

Our customers and and it worked when we Did the launch of the coffee it worked When i launched the funnels the Templates and i’m getting consistent Funnels for my own services i’m selling Courses a couple per week so i mean it Works it definitely works and if you Want to learn how for your own brand and You want to launch your new offer go to Link it is in the description or if you Want to build funnels for other people It’s very creative it’s very fun like You get to see all of these i showed you Some funnels here the american the Veterans and something that i actually Care about and i get to work with them And build funnels for them and get paid In the process so love it thank you so Much for watching and i’ll see you in The next one peace.

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