Should You Build Talent or Buy It

You can either build Talent or you can Buy it and so it's much faster to buy Talent this is a quote from my wife Everyone thinks they're a good judge of Character until they get judged by the People they hire but it's true if I want To hire a video editor for example to Cut content then I want to look at their Track record show me the stuff that You've already done the second piece is Here's some raws this is what I want go Make stuff and then I can have 10 guys Compete and the thing is is that there's So much psychological bias of like I Like this guy he looks the way I look Blah blah blah that we don't let the Work do the talking Talent comes in all Forms and so all I really care about is The productivity the output of the Person because it's usually one founder That's breathing life into this thing With lots of little helpers it's a Genius with a thousand hands if you Remove the genius there's nothing in Terms of like how we scale businesses in we consider recruiting To be our core and number one competency

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