Site and Funnels Complete Walkthrough in ClickFunnels 2.0

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This is Matthew with the ClickFunnels Education team in this video I’m going To give you a quick rundown of the site And funnels dashboard To access the site and funnels dashboard Just click on cite and funnels from the Left menu This takes you to the site overview menu And the site overview is where you can Customize your site-wide settings Including setting the logo And an icon for your site As well as changing the domain And other settings The next menu on the left here is blog This is where you’re going to manage Your entire blog including adding new Blog posts customizing the blog home Page And modifying existing blog posts The next area we have access to is Customer Center And the customer center is an area that Customers can log in and manage their Own account they can access things such As their payment methods as well as the Courses that they are enrolled in And products they’ve purchased Next we have funnels This is where you can create and manage Your funnels for your site The next area is pages

And Pages have a list of all pages being Used throughout your account There are Standalone Pages theme Pages Site pages and funnel pages There’s also URL redirects here and this Is where you can create new URL Redirects The next section is courses Courses are where you’re gonna create Educational content for your members You’ll create the courses here as well As the modules and lessons The next area is domains Here you’re going to be able to see all Of the domains that you’ve added to your Click funnels account as well as their Status And you could also use this menu to add New domains The final section is URLs which will Simply give you a list of all the URLs That are currently being used throughout This clickfunnels account In this workspace We’ll go into further detail in about Each of these sections in another video So please make sure to check those out Thanks for watching.

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