So obsessed with Semflow 😍 It makes optimizing your Webflow site SO EASY!

All right check this out so this is our Chrome extension that plugs right into Webflow and it does all of your SEO for You so you can run audits on your site And what it's going to do is check every Single page of your entire website both Static and CMS pages and it's going to Return a score then what it does is it Shows all of your pages even Pages Inside of folders and then we've got our CMS Pages down here and for every Individual page it's going to walk you Through step by step what to do to Optimize this thing including setting Page keywords so if I want to set a Keyword right here let's type in teeth And that's going to check for that Keyword in all of the places in that Page you can re-audit individual pages And we also have Google page speed Insights connected to check your mobile And desktop scores now the best part is Simple also has a dashboard where you Can track the scores of all of your Websites and you can try for free for Seven days if you love it which I know You will it's only 15 bucks a month so Go check it out

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