So… should I make a Russell Brunson board game? ;)

Um have you ever seen the Dale Carnegie Board game no one has somehow these guys Had one they had when friends influenced People board game one of one maybe Someday in the museum about to play how To win Influence People board game George Clayson who wrote a whole bunch Of uh really good personal books I had a Map company since clayson's guy in Idaho And then this last thing I have no idea What this is Debbie Clement Stone do it now actual Autograph that'd be from the stone Chicken mustache if you're really wild To speak she's talking about this guy Right here so he took Think and Grow Rich read it changed his life he Launched an insurance company it became The biggest insurance company in America Back in the day way back in the 50s and Then when Napoleon Hill retired with Convinced Napoleon to unretire and they Started a whole event series and book The courses and books and everything Together and so he's the one that kind Of took the point of his life and Increased longevia by another two Decades afterwards and he's the one that Helps up the foundation and a bunch of Other things and until last year he was The biggest donor up in a boy Hill Foundation yes biggest donor now yes me

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