Standalone Pages in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to build Standalone Pages in ClickFunnels 2.0.

Pages After completing this video you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First What are Standalone Pages how do Standalone Pages work Second order the steps to creating a Standalone page and lastly What are the differences between Standalone theme and site page What you need for this lesson is an Active click funnels 2.0 account So let’s get to it The page is found in the Standalone Pages tab are the pages you created You can edit these Pages without Affecting your website Standalone pages are Pages you create on Your click funnels 2.0 account that you Have not added as a site page or already Added as a funnel page Theme pages are the default pages that Come with the selected theme template The default theme Pages can be changed Anytime using the pages found inside Pages Site Pages come from Standalone pages Add the Standalone pages to the site Pages after customizing the page to Identify the pages you have not yet Added to your site pages Let’s now proceed to learning how to

Create a standalone page on our 2.0 Account So there are different ways on how you Can create a standalone page The easiest way to do it is from your Dashboard by clicking the create button On the upper right corner of your window Click the button then select page from The drop down menu The system will automatically pull up a Pop-up window displaying first all of The all of the available templates that You can choose from Now just remember you may or may not see The same thing you’re seeing in this Video depending on whether you’ve Created any pages in the past If you go to the different categories on Your left side you’ll see my funnel Pages which are Essentials essentially Pages inside of your funnel Opt-in category has templates Default templates in the system that you Can choose from The thank you category has the same Thank you templates Sales category has the sales templates And Order category has the order Templates On your upper right on the upper right Of the pop-up window you can see the Start from blank button Click this button to create a page from Scratch which you can freely customize

To your preferences I’m going to go ahead and click it now And notice how the system automatically Changed the pop-up window allowing me to Create the page Fill out the name of this new page You’re creating And then fill out the description which Is optional For page URL this is going to Automatically take the name that you’re Going to put on the name field The style drop down allows you to select The style guide that you want to use for The page if you’ve created the style Guide in your click funnels 2.0 account This is where you will find it So I’m going to go ahead and fill out The name field with This name it’s 10 alone Standalone page Now notice that the page URL Automatically took that name as the page URL Now remember that you can freely or Always customize the page URL according To your preferences so you can easily Add customize or whatever uh extension You want to put on the URL which will Automatically be added by the system you Will always see a banner that tells you If the URL is available for use or not If the URL is already used on another on Another page the system will also tell

You that it’s already in use and the System will automatically add Alphanumeric characters Uh to the URL to make it unique again At the bottom of the pop-up window you Have two options Create page button or the discard button So go ahead and click the create page Button To create the page Now we will land on this blank canvas That you can Freely customize according to your Preferences so I’m going to quickly Select something here for training Purposes I’m going to go with this Template stack 3 So you can easily see it Then I’m going to save the changes After receiving the changes you can exit The page editor Where you can now verify that on the Standalone Pages tab is the new page That we created It will always the new page that you Create will always be found on the top Of your page listings The other place where you can create a Standalone page is exactly where we are Now this is essentially the sub menu Found in the pages Tab and you can get Here by clicking on but when you’re on Your dashboard click on site and funnels And then go to pages

Which is where you can also find the new Page button on the upper right corner of Your screen Creating this button also opens the same Pop-up we saw earlier where we created a Page that we see right now on the page Listings I’m gonna exit this now By clicking on the escape button on my Keyboard That’s it you’ve already created the new Standalone pages Your next steps from here should be to Create your own Standalone page You can also test the page editor by Adding different elements rows and Learning how the new page editor works You can also visit the new help Page by Clicking on the search field on top of Your screen that will automatically open A pop-up window where you will find the Link to get to the new help page on the Lower left corner of the pop-up window Thank you so much for watching the video If you have any other questions please Feel free to reach out to our awesome Customer support team have a great day Ahead.

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