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Clickfunnels 2.0 is just around the Corner and for us funnel designers and Funnel agency owners it’s an exciting Time because what it means is that There’s a lot of new clients coming to Clickfunnels either coming back from Having switched and tried something else To now seeing man i really need to use Click funnels and that opens up a lot of Opportunities for you when it comes to The new funnel builder the blog the Website or funnel hub and the shopping Carts as well as the automations the crm Systems a lot of exciting stuff for us Funnel designers which means again new Clients for you but how do you get 5k Clients versus 500 that’s the question That i’m going to cover in this video so Make sure you subscribe all of that good Stuff every single like means another New video so [Music] I want to talk about the home page Funnel that i use as an introductory Offer a lot of times with clients Especially if you’re working with Someone who has multiple offers so let’s Say that you work with a personal brand They have a book a webinar homepage and An online coaching or course what you Want to do a lot of times is you want to Get one foot through the door and build One funnel for them so for example this Homepage funnel that i look at and we’ll

Get to the pricing here in a second you Can see that it has four different steps So you have a home page where you give Something away for free then you have a Thank you page with a special offer then You have an application page or an order Form depending on the price and the the Way that you convert them if it’s a Phone call then you have the application To qualify them if it’s something lower Ticket usually you have an order form People can just click add to cart or Purchase and add their card and off they Go all completely automatic automated so Then you have the confirmation page the Reason why we use a home page is because It’s sort of like the foundation of Their brand so let’s say that you get Them as a client you redesign their Brand it looks beautiful now they want To up the level of their other funnels This has happened multiple times where Someone comes to me they’re like i want A homepage personal brand hero funnel You know credibility authority case Studies all of that good stuff on one Page and i’ll show you some examples Here in a second what it does is it up Levels their branding and the design and Their standards so now the perception of Other people has to be congruent and Consistent Throughout all their other funnels so Now they’re gonna naturally ask you to

Also redesign these others the biggest Difference between a 500 and 5k Is simply based on a value if someone Has a home page and they have an order Form for a seven dollar product i would Typically not charge well and obviously Not 500 but i would also not charge 5 000 for a funnel that like it’s gonna Take a long time for them to make that Money back right unless they have like High volume so for a home page funnel The average is around 3500 which is Where what i recommend to people that i Coach and teach to Because that’s the sweet spot what i’ve Seen along with Hundreds of people that i called is like 5 000 it has to be like you have to have Some some serious amount of funnels Under your belt And also data conversion rate case Studies that sort of stuff and usually Even if you go above 5k you would love Their offer to be around 1k to You know 5 10 20k offers you know let me Ask you this question would you rather Pay 5k for an offer or funnel for an Offer that is 7 or 5k So if you pay 5k to a funnel designer And you sell one purchase you have one Client join your program that is also 5k Now you paid now you have this automated Sales funnel and you simply pay nothing You just you know you paid it back with

One client or you know seven dollars Let’s say the profit on that is like two Dollars Then you would have to sell 10 000 No 2500 my bad 2500 of them to make five Thousand back so one client or two Thousand five hundred customers that’s The difference in value For the client and so again a lot of Times you can sell these visual Beautiful homepage funnels that bills Trust credibility authority and then Sells other offers that they have so Let’s just jump into some examples like This one is one that i’ve built you can See it’s a home page i get a free copy We have results so authority credibility What we do three step process And then we also have like their current Offers listen to the podcast Testimonials and then free training and Then if we go to the free training you Can see on the road maps we have Homepage plus freebie so you can either Have a pop-up where they put their email And that takes them to the training or You can have a button like this that Takes them to Their separate funnel that is the Freebie so in this case a case study From the case study you typically send Them to an order form or application so If it’s a higher ticket which josh offer At least some of them are

Then it would be an application page on The next step or the next page after the Video so that would then be something Like this for an example where you have A video pick a time and you know you Have a thank you page that says hey your Call is booked and we look forward to Talking to you soon and you close on the Phone make sense actually let me also Share with you the special offer page Because it’s not always just the vsl the Video play-in it’s a webinar vsl case Study sort of thing and then at the end Of it you pitch sometimes you can just Have it like i said order form Automatically you want to have a longer Page that sells the thing because nobody Is talking to them answering their Questions so let me also show you an Example of that i did this a while back I have this free funnel starter kit And so people added their Information here And then they were taken to a thank you Page so remember this thank you page Plus special offer okay so download Something for free we have this one Special offer and it was a bundle of Different funnel templates and you can Scroll down and see how i’ve laid it out Pretty simple page 197 price and and the Offer has changed since But uh pretty simple Showing like turn this into this

Offer stack and then outline what it is And then Say no more i’m in so again we have Homepage or freebie special offer And then order form and confirmation Page which basically just looks like a Simple summary of the order And as we say that i just got a customer As well so Um Actually a client so That’s funny i don’t know if you can see It Well we should blur it out if you can’t See it but that’s funny that i talk About clients And i get a client a high ticket client As i’m recording this i love those Stripe things so anyways that’s sort of The strategy and the main difference Again just to recap how do you get a 5k Client versus a 500 the first thing is To pick who you’re gonna serve Pick somebody who is already making six Seven or eight figures because they have Multiple offers they have higher ticket Back end systems which means they’re Happy to pay you five thousand if they Know that man this vsl and here’s Another golden tips trick whatever you Want to call it If you just sell a design and you say no I need the copy i need everything from You i can just create you know these

Graphic design things well it’s more Like a 500 to 2500 sort of design but if You can for example Write a vsl script right that’s super Valuable or webinar slides like hundreds Of pages Build their ecosystem not even their Entire ecosystem with all their funnels But just the entire funnel including the Sign copy email sequence like i’ve done So many funnels where we built Everything for them uh even the Follow-up emails and so that just Provides more value to them and because It provides more value to them i can Qualify or justify the price point of Three thousand four thousand five Thousand and even up to ten thousand in Some cases and so another way is to just Increase the Bundle or package of funnels included so If someone has multiple offers they’re Like yeah i need you to build all these Funnels you can say normally i would Charge this amount so 3500 per funnel But because you have three funnels i’ll Do it for 2.5 each so 7.5 for all of Them and then you divide those three Funnels into a three week delivery Period you have one per week and you Just made 7 000 in three weeks one more Time then an additional to that that’s 10k per month so hopefully that’s Valuable if you want to learn more you

Can check out my program below where i Work with you in a group setting and Full-time funnel designer with all the Pre-made funnel templates the copy the Offer creation spreadsheets everything You need to build funnels for yourself Or for your clients with i said i’ll see You in the next one

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