Start Looking at Positive and Negative Like This

You can't be like I only don't feel Negative things it's the fundamental Attribution error which is something Good happens it's because of me if Something bad happens it's because of my Surroundings it's like well if you flip It then if something good happens it's Because my surroundings something bad Happens because it may so if you flip That as your fundamental like way that You see the world then you don't get Higher in your own Supply because when Something good happened it wasn't Because I mean if something bad happened It was because of me so I think you just Have to flip where you're emphasizing if You're somebody who like tends to be Really a little bit more ego driven Needs the positive reinforcement then Flip it the other way if you're Somebody's a little bit more insecure Then you can feed a little bit more into The positive but I think the end is kind Of the middle path

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