Step by Step Guide to Automatically Adding an External Domain in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] With the customer education team I hope You're having an awesome day and in this Video we are going to go over how to add An external domain using the automated Method This will be possible only if your Domain register is supported by entry As we mentioned in the article entry is The tool that we use to automate this Process and in this case I will use a Domain from namecheap with which is a a Supported domain register so first let's Go to our Dashboard Let's go to our site and funnels and Then to our domain area We will click here connect existing Domain And here we we need to enter the domain And we need to add the subdomain as well So I'm gonna My domain using cfq which is my sub Domain and then we will click on Continue Then we will click here add domain And we will click here start domain Setup Then you will see this tab And you will click you will need to Click on continue As you can see here entry detected the Domain

And now we need to Login into our namecheap account Once you have login into your account You will click this button And we will wait for a bit Once the authentication process is Completed you will receive a code into Your email address and you need to add This code here into this tab and click On continue Since I have existing records with this Domain uh this message will show so I Just I go ahead and click in OK continue This can take a bit of time Once the entry process is completed you Will see this message that the Configuration is now complete But This process can take a 24 to 48 hours To propagate and start working so we Will need to give this time And then once that time has passed we Will need to come back here and click on Validate only ownership There are a couple of hours I clicked The validate ownership button and the Securing process started as you can see Here now the status of the domain is Securing that means that the SSL is Being added at this moment but again This process can take up to 48 hours but But once this process is completed the Status of the domain will change from Securing to connected and you will see

It as As this I hope this information was helpful if You have any other requests please don't Hesitate to reach out to our support Team have an awesome day thank you

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