Step by Step Guide to Choosing Your Style Guide Colors in ClickFunnels 2.0

Hi I'm Dave with clickfunnels and in This video I'm going to show you how you Can use a really cool totally free tool To set up custom style guide colors in Your clickfunnels 2.0 account So I'm sharing my screen here and I want To show you the two places that you can Set up your colors for your style guide The first is simply to come to site and Colors And from the overview tab you can click The three dot menu And you can edit your current style Guide here If you have multiple style guides like I Do in this account you can also go Directly to your settings And choose Styles and it will pull up a List of all the different styles that You have I'm going to go ahead and use This demonstration style here which is a Brand new style that I've just created To edit that you're going to click on The color palette icon right here And when you click that it will open up The style guide that we're going to edit Here We're working with colors so we will Select the color Tab and you'll see These are the standard colors that are Included in the style guide when you Very first create a new style We also take those colors and use them To create different sections from

Lightest to darkest and everywhere in Between including one colored background Here So ordinarily what you would do is go in Here and edit these colors and then Apply them to the different backgrounds To create the design and the brand that You want A lot of times though people are not Terribly familiar with style or with Color schemes and all the different Rules and so forth so we end up with Something that can charitably be called A mess So let me show you a great tool that is Totally free You can use this to create your color Scheme and it's really easy you'll find It over at And it looks like this Now the first place that you'll land is This color wheel here and you'll see That we have each of the different Colors represented below has a circle Here one of the neat things about this Is that as you move each color around All of the the other colors will adjust As well and you can choose all the Different color scheme approaches or Color theories that you might want to Use over here what I suggest you do Though is to come up here to either Explore or trends I like the trends section so we'll click

On that And it will give you some of the latest Trends in design based on industry and It covers a wide variety of Industries So you can come in here and basically Select whatever industry you're in and I'm going to choose for example how About weight loss right so I'll put Weight loss Enter that And you'll see that it has a number of Different color schemes that are being Used currently in the weight loss Industry it'll even give you some of the Uh some of the images that were used to Inspire those color schemes all right You can basically look through this and Find whichever one looks best to you That's just personal preference but What's really great about this is that When you do select a color scheme all of The colors are designed to look good Together and that's the main point here So I'm just going to choose this one Here I'm going to click on it and you'll See that it gives me uh the various hex Values of the different colors and what We're going to do is copy those over Into click funnels it's really simple You just click copy And then we'll come back to the style Guide and enter them here now I like to Work from left or from right to left It's just personal preference it really

Doesn't matter what order you put the Colors in but I'm going to click the Box Select this and paste the color the blue Color from the color scheme and then I'm Just going to go ahead and go through That one by one replacing each of the Colors okay it does take a couple of Seconds to go through this but that's Pretty much the point right because it Only takes a few seconds to do this it's Not terribly complicated and again all Of those different colors are going to Look good together okay So You have just one more to bring over And I'll put that one here Okay and then there's three boxes we Haven't touched what I like to suggest Is that you use a white a light gray and Then a dark dark color maybe even black So I'm actually going to use white black And then light gray so this is already Very near black I'm just going to go Ahead and bring it all the way to hex Value zero zero zero zero zero zero That's black And then bring this one to it's already White which is the all the F's and then This one here I'm going to make gray and I'm going to choose that gray right There okay now as we look you'll see That the darkest isn't dark anymore and The colored isn't terribly colored these Are all not consistent anymore but

There's a really easy tool in Click Funnels 2.0 and it's right here we'll Zoom in and show you It says Auto generate Now we can click on that and watch what Happens to the color schemes over here I'll click Auto generate and there you Go it automatically selects colors from That color scheme and applies them here So that you have the lightest light Colored dark and darkest colors and Everything already looks pretty good Now you may decide to change little Things here and there for example as I Look at the darkest I'm not sure I want I like this link maybe I want it to be Just straight white so I can click on That here Choose the link make it white and there You go right but what we've just done Here is we've gone ahead and created a Complete color scheme in Click funnels 2.0 using the tool only Took a minute or two and it looks great Right so you can do the very same thing In your click funnels account and have a Unique style that is tied to your Industry doesn't cost you anything and It just will save you so much time hope You enjoyed this happy funneling Foreign

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