Step by Step Guide to Creating a Bridge Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Hi I'm Drew with clickfunnels education Welcome to click guides your guide to Using the funnel hackers cookbook with Click funnels 2.0 The funnel hackers cookbook is a guide Using several common funnel templates to Accomplish goals of gaining new contacts And selling products working with the Recipes in your clickfunnels account the Funnel Hacker's cookbook gets you from Learning the tools to achieving your Goals You can get a free copy of the funnel Hackers cookbook at In this video we're going to discuss the Bridge funnel The bridge funnel is a two-step funnel That connects or Bridges to ideas in the Bridge funnel the first page will Present a desired outcome and encourage People to opt in to learn more the Second page will present a path to get To the desired outcome we'll then link To another funnel or outside page that Offers that path this makes the bridge Pump funnel extremely useful for Building interests and products that may Be for sale in a funnel that you don't Control Starting off in your click funnels Account

Go to the site and funnels tab And then click on the funnels tab Now you can use the recipes button to Find the pre-made funnel templates You can use the generate leads filter to Narrow down the type of funnel that You're looking to create and select the Bridge funnel By clicking choose As you can see the bridge funnel has the Two main Pages an opt-in squeeze page And a sales page You'll be prompted to give a descriptive Name for your funnel that you'll Remember what you're when you're looking For it and then click create funnel You'll Now find yourself on the funnel Workflow for your new bridge page Click on the opt-in page in order to Edit it You'll be prompted to choose a template From the opt-in templates although you Can also choose this to create a new Page from scratch by clicking the new Page button in the top right hand corner In this case we'll choose a template Creating this page from a template we Can choose a page name and give it a Brief description A page URL will be automatically Generated but you can also choose the Pathway manually by filling in this Field You can also select SEO settings this

Helps a search engine to find and index Your page and is really helpful for Getting traffic to your page Since this is the first page in our Funnel it's advisable to leave the index And search engines option on so that More people will come to our page and be Forwarded to the sales page When you're satisfied with your changes Click create page in order to continue Now that a template's selected you can Go to the page itself and edit the Content do this by mousing over the page In the workflow and clicking edit You can edit the page change the Elements Rows Or sections or adjusting the content of Any of the above As a template it will contain lorem Ipsum or placeholder text it will need To be edited in order to contain your Sales copy Your goal on this step is to make your Message build interest in the solution To the problem that they're experiencing So they'll opt in and proceed to the Sales pitch on the next step As this is an opt-in page it needs to Contain at least a fields to collect an Email and a button set to submit the Page in order to collect the required Information and create a new contact A button set to submit the page will

Advance the page to the next step in the Funnel in this case our sales page In this funnel the fields and buttons Are found in the pop-up However you can also have these tools in The body of your click funnels page When you're happy with the changes that You've made click save and return to the Funnel workflow We'll now repeat the process with the Sales page The sales page makes a pitch for the Product as a solution to the problem Presented in the opt-in page and bridges To the next funnel where that product is Available we'll select a template as we Did before Give it a descriptive name And fill in the description choose a Custom URL and choose SEO settings as we Wish although we may wish to deactivate The index in search engines toggle as This will allow people to reach this Page directly when we're satisfied we'll Click create page Now we can edit the page copy as we did Before Here we'll want to make the pitch and Include a button to in order to Link to the next page that may be to the Funnel that is exterior to this funnel Once you have your funnel basically set Up you're set and ready to collect leads And forward traffic to the secondary

Funnel you can edit your funnel Pages Using the page editor at any time if you Want to tweak your copy or other content You can follow up by creating follow-up Email marketing To make use of your new contacts Generated by your opt-in page That's all for now check out other Videos in the click Guide Series for More funnel hacker cookbook recipes

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