Step by Step Guide to Creating a Product Launch Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Education welcome to click guides your Guide to using the funnel hackers Cookbook with click funnels 2.0 the Funnel hackers cookbook is a guide to Using several common funnel templates to Accomplish goals of gaining new contacts And selling products working with the Recipes in your clickfunnels account the Funnel Hacker's cookbook gets you from Learning the tools to achieving your Goals You can get a free copy of the funnel Hackers cookbook at In this video we're going to discuss the Product launch funnel The product launch funnel is a four-step Funnel designed to initiate and build Enthusiasm for a new product or service That you're offering using a product Launch funnel you can present a series Of sales pages to your existing audience Building a pipe and emphasizing with the First offering of your product will be a Limited time offer then when you do open Up the product for sale these previews Will prime your audience to buy this can Help you to make a lot of sales quickly Helping you to cover costs of Development or to be able to show show a Lot of early sales when you reopen the Product for purchase

Starting off in your clickfunnels Account go to the site and funnel Section of your account and then select The funnels tab Now you can use the recipes button to Find the pre-made templates you can use The sell a product filter to narrow down The type of funnel that you're looking To create and then select the product Launch funnel by clicking the choose Button Notice this file does not have the same Steps as seen in the funnel hackers Cookbook Because click funnels 2.0 is very Customizable you can add new sales Stages to match your desired campaign Between the initial product launch page And the order page This can be as many steps as you prefer Rather than restrict three steps Suggested by the funnel hackers cookbook Similarly An order confirmation page has been Added at the end in order to tell people That their order has been correctly set Up and how it will be delivered Okay if your new funnel a descriptive Name then click create funnel You will now find yourself on the funnel Workflow for your new product launch Funnel click on the first sales page to Edit it You'll be prompted to select the sales

Template You can also create a new page from Scratch by choosing the new page button In this case we'll select a template Creating this page from a template we Can choose a page name [Music] And if we wish add a description or set A page URL If we don't want to set a page URL one Will be automatically generated but we Can customize it by setting it on this Page We can also set up search engine Optimization settings these will help Search engines to better find and index Our page Since this is the first page in our Funnel we may wish to be careful about Setting this up so that people looking For our product or service can find it And to leave the index and search engine Toggle on this allows people to find our Page using search engines as services When you're satisfied with these Settings click create page to continue Now the template's selected you can go To the page itself and edit the context Do this by medicine over the page in the Workflow and clicking edit You can edit the page to change the Elements Rows or sections on the page or any of The content there is

A template it will contain lorem ipsum Text will need to be added to contain Your sales copy [Music] Your goal on this page is to start to Get people excited about your product at Each Milestone you'll open up a Subsequent page for this funnel until on The final day you'll open sales by Opening up your order page The most straightforward way to do this Is to hide the button that proceeds to The next page in your funnel until You're ready to open up the next page Then when you're ready to show the Element You can turn it back on again thus Allowing people to proceed to the next Page in your funnel Once you also have people's information To send them emails you can link them Directly to the newest page thus Continuing to build hype with people who Have already opted in Column tools for this type of marketing Page include video demonstrations photos And persuasive sales letters consider Using any or all of these tools when Building your sales page When you're satisfied with your changes Click save in the top right hand corner Of your screen and then return to the Workflow The following steps until you wish to

Set up the order page will also be sales Pages You can add them by clicking the plus Sign button Selecting page And then selecting sales page templates Or creating new ones from scratch As you can see you'll be setting these Up very similarly to the first page Including choosing a name And optionally descriptions and search Engine optimization settings as this Isn't the first page in your funnel You May wish to turn off indexing and search Engines so that people don't come here Directly but it is another sales page so It won't hurt if they do When you're satisfied with your settings Click create page to continue You'll then edit it much the same way That you did with the first perhaps Building on the initial narrative When you've set up enough sales page Templates for your Sales funnel to proceed And you're ready to set up the order Page click on it in order to edit it In this case we'll use select an order Template As this will have most of the elements That we'll need to succeed with this Page type The order page can be named anything but Again should be descriptive

And should not be indexed in search Engines until you're ready for this page To be the front page for your funnel Click create page As you can see you'll need to adjust and Attach a product in order for the sales Page to work properly We'll discuss how to attach products to Your order form page in another video This page will be available only for a Limited time when the sales close closes We recommend disabling direct links to The page and changing the chain page Pathway or removing the page Even though this page as you would any Other funnel step with a reminder to Guests that this step will be available For a limited time only [Music] You can edit the style So as to set the text color or Background color for this element [Music] Advising these pages will be similar to The first but take a moment to remind People that they'll only be able to buy Here for so long Triggering this will create a sense of Urgency that will encourage people to Buy and buy quickly That's all for now check out other Videos in the series for more Information about the funnel hackers Cookbook and building your ideal funnel

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