Step by Step Guide to Creating a Summit Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Clickfunnels education welcome to click Guy it's your guide to using the funnel Hackers cookbook with clickfunnels 2.0 The funnel hackers cookbook is a guide Using several common funnel templates to Accomplish goals of gaining new contacts And selling products working with the Recipes in your clickfunnels account the Funnel hackers cookbook gets you from Learning the tools to achieving your Goals You can get a free copy of the funnel Hackers cookbook at In this video we're going to discuss the Summit funnel The summit funnel is a three-step funnel Based around inviting people to an event Such as a summit for free with an Offering an upselled goods or services Related to the event finally you offer a Share page that lets your attendees Share information about the upcoming Event easily capitalizing on Word of Mouth marketing this lets you get a list Of attendees who have an interest in Your idea and potentially upsell them on Recordings or other Goods encouraging Videos to share the summit information With your with their friends also Improves the chance of high levels of Conversion among visitors to your funnel

Start off in your click funnels account And navigate to the site and funnels tab Then click on the funnels tab And you can use the recipes button to Find pre-made funnel templates You can use the sella product filter to Find the funnel that you're looking for More easily Then select it by clicking the choose Button in the middle of the option As you can see a summit funnel has three Main pages in it a sales or opt-in page An order form page for the upsell And an order confirmation page That is contact information and relevant Links to be shared with Friends of the Visitor give your new funnel a Descriptive name that you'll remember When you're looking for it then click Create funnel You'll Now find yourself in the funnel Workflow for your new Summit funnel Click on the sales page to edit it You'll now be prompted to choose a Template from the sales templates which You can also select from the opt-in Templates as these will already have the Opt-in options for your visitors to Notify you that they are attending your Summit You can also select the new page button To create a new page from scratch In this option we will select a sales Template

Creating this page to a template we can Now choose a page name [Music] And optionally add a description or page URL that is custom to this page If we don't select one one will be Automatically generated we can also Choose our SEO settings which will make It easier for search engines to index And find this page Such as a page title and a page Description that describes what you're Going to have on the page Finally you can choose whether you want This page to be indexed in search Engines as it's the first page in our Funnel it's not a bad idea to have this Indexable Finally click create page to continue We can now edit the Page by selecting The edit button when mosing over the Workflow option You can edit this page to change the Elements rows or sections Or adjusting the contents of any of the Above as a template it will have lorem Ipsum text that will need to be edited [Music] In order to contain your sales copy your Goal on this step is to sell your event So that interested parties will opt in And potentially buy recordings or other Related products on the next step Importantly You'll wish to include a

Field to collect your potential visitors Email and other desired information and Have a button set to submit As you can see this is already set up in The pop-up on this template but make Sure that it's there this is how you'll Know who's going to be attending your Summit If you selected an opt-in template these Fields will Exist by default otherwise You may have to add them When you're happy with the changes You've made click save and return to the Funnel workflow The next step is an order form page this Is where you will attempt to upsell Products pertaining to your event such As a copy of the replay or other related Materials as before you'll need to Provide a name for this funnel step After selecting a template [Music] But as this is not the first page in Your funnel You may wish to turn off Indexing and search engines indexing Search engines allows someone to reach That page directly and you do want them To go through your first page the sales Page in order to get here When you're satisfied with your settings Click create page to continue As Uh this is a an order form page you will Need both a checkout element which will

Pre-exist in the template And a product associated with this Checkout element Setting up a product for a order form Page is it another topic that is covered In another video Linked In This section On this page your goal is to encourage People to purchase materials that can Help with their understanding or Appreciation for your Summoner event it May help to include a video or text that Explains how these products can help but Don't forget to mention that these Products aren't required for attendance It's an upsell not a need to have and Having a sudden need to pay for what They perceive to be an attendance fee May turn off some visitors Once you're satisfied with the changes That you've made disorder page don't Forget to click save in order to save Your changes [Music] And then return to the funnel workflow Finally the last page in the funnel is An order confirmation page This will be the last page in the funnel Whether the visitor bought from page Number two or not the goal here is to Provide them with the splash page that Has information about the summit Including any relevant links or videos So let them share the link with friends To increase traffic to your funnel and

Increase in interested attendees coming To your summit or events This can be a number of page types Including a thank you page [Music] Again you may wish to turn off indexing Search engines as this is the final page In the funnel When editing the text for this page Don't forget to include links to the First page in your funnel And thank people for their opt-in or Purchase Don't forget to include any and all Relevant information that may excite Someone to come to your event [Music] Once you have your funnel basically set Up you can proceed to create and attach Products to your order form funnel page You can also set up a workflow to send a Follow-up email to people who purchased Your products we'll discuss how to Pursue both of these goals in other Videos in the series That's all for now check out other Videos in the click Guide Series for More funnel hype or cookbook recipes

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