Step by Step Guide to Sending an Email With a Workflow in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Education welcome to click guides your Guide to using the funnel hackers Cookbook with clickfunnels 2.0 The funnel hackers cookbook is a guide Using several common sales funnel Templates to accomplish goals of gaining New contacts and selling products Working with the recipes in your Clickfunnels account the funnel hackers Cookbook gets you from learning the Tools to achieving your goals you can Get a free copy of the funnel hackers Cookbook at In this video we're going to discuss Setting up a workflow to send an email Setting up a workflow requires you to Set up a sending email address if you Haven't already done this check out our Video and help documents on setting up Sending email address it'll help you to Work alongside us as we set up an email Sending workflow In a previous version of clickfunnels Email sending workflows were known as Follow-up funnels since workflows can be Used for a variety of tasks this version Of clickfunnels uses the name workflow As a tool used with cookbook recipe Using the workflow to send an email can Help to deliver something of value Confirm a recent opt-in or follow up With a new lead

This can help to turn a lead into a Contact A workflow automates this process and Can be triggered by a lead reaching a Specific step making a purchase opting In or a number of other triggers of Course you can't send an email if you Don't have an email address so it's best To set this trigger to after you receive Opt-in or sale information In your clickfunnels account Go to the marketing tab And select the workflows tab On the workflow dashboard click the Button marked add new workflow You'll Now find yourself on a page Asking for details including a name and Run type You can choose any name that you'll Remember for this workflow although it Helps to choose one that describes what The workflow will do for run type you Have three options Multiple runs per contact simultaneous Will run the workflow every time it is Triggered even if this is happening at The same time as another run-up for the Same contact so if the trigger for the Workflow is opt into my funnel the Workflow will start sending the email or Emails every time that email is used for That opt-in even if it's already in the Middle of sending other contacts Multiple runs for contact back to back

Will do much the same Except it will wait for the first Workflow to finish for a contact before It starts sending the next one to the Same contact Finally only one run for contact will Run the workflow only once for a given Email address a great choice if you're Worried about spamming contact that Might hit the trigger or triggers for a Workflow multiple times You now find yourself on another Workflow layout page we'll start by Selecting a trigger click where it says No trigger set and then on the new Pop-up window click add a trigger Foreign While setting up this workflow You may Wish to leave it inactive until you have It fully set up that way you can avoid People accidentally setting off the Workflow before you're ready for them to Receive it the event type chooses the Triggering event that will set off the Workflow such as adding or removing a Tag to a contact a calendar event A successful order purchase event An opt-in or a page view for a visitor That has already successfully opted in Or shared their email address You can also select the funnel that you Wish to trigger this workflow And a page in that funnel that you would Like that event to occur on when you're

Satisfied through changes click create Trigger to complete this process If you want the workflow to be triggered By another event as well you can choose The add to work add a trigger button Again You can also edit your existing trigger With the edit button Or activate the trigger with the toggle To the right of the trigger when your Satisfies your triggers click close to Close the pop-up window Now that a trigger is set up click the Plus button following the workflow Triggers window to add an event There are a number of different options For what events you can set up but in This video we'll be discussing sending An email click the send email event to Set up this email event You'll now be prompted to set up a name Template Subject And optional pre-headline as well as a From address you can also choose if you Want to customize the email by clicking The design email checkbox Your satisfied fees changes click create Step Since we clicked the design email Checkbox we're now being sent to a an Editor so that we can customize the Email to be specific to our specific Copy and what we want it to say

We're satisfied with these changes we'll Click save and exit We can now also return to the workflow By going to the initial tab And we may wish to send another email After a little while In order to delay this second email We'll need to include a delay event by Clicking the plus button under our Example email We'll select delay we can choose to Delay the second email by minutes hours Days weeks months or even years Once we've set up this duration we'll Click create Now our next event will occur one day After the first event did We can then add additional emails or Delay events as we see fit to set up an Email sequence Using these tools you can use the Workloads and email sequence triggered By an event in your funnel for more Information about clickfunnels tools and Funnel hackers cookbook check out our Other videos in this series

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