Step by Step Guide to Testing a Funnel Using Test Mode in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to test the funnel Using test mode Setting your funnel in test mode is Critical to test your funnel's Functionality By default your new funnels have test Mode enabled when you create them Prior to getting started you need to Have the following First an active clickfunnels account and Second an active funnel with active Pages So let's get started First click on cite and funnels on the Main menu Second select funnels on the sub menu Then select the funnel that you want to Put on test mode Once you're inside the funnel Builder Click the settings button on the upper Right corner of your page to open the Funnel settings Inside the file settings pop-up Click the toggle under test mode to yes And then click the update funnel button On the bottom right corner of the pop-up You can verify that the funnel is Already in test mode through the yellow Banner on top of your funnel Builder Page To preview your funnel while in test Mode

Click the icon on top of your funnel Builder page The system will automatically open your Funnel in preview mode on a new tab for You to test your phone's functionality At this stage go ahead and test your Files functionality and when you're Finished return to the funnel Builder Your next action after testing your Funnel pages is to verify the data that You collected There are different ways to do this but We will demonstrate the quickest way to Do it which is via the funnel Builder Page First return to the funnel Builder page Then click the analytics button at the Top right corner of the page Yeah Second click the opt-ins option to view The test opt-in results on a new tab or The orders option to view the test Purchases on the new tab One important reminder Display the analytics data in the orders Option a test purchase from an order Page is required Congratulations You've reached the end of this video You should now be able to switch your Funnel into test mode then locate the Test data using Analytics What you can do from here is to go Through the additional information found

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