STOP chasing clients as a freelancer! 🛑 Do this instead

As a freelancer you have to stop chasing Clients it's just not a sustainable way To run your business and I know if You're anything like I was when I Started out it's exhausting trying to Stress and worry about where your next Client's going to come from so instead Of chasing clients for the rest of your Career start establishing your business And building a reputation where people Want to work with your business and then You can just set up shop and people will Start to come to you and start asking About your availability and so you can Do this by just putting in hard work Growing your business and growing word Of mouth so everyone starts to talk About what an awesome job you do but Also so much of this is frame and the Confidence that you have in your Business the better your business Becomes the better work you do people Are going to want to work with you and It's going to get to the point where you Have too many people wanting your time Where you're going to have to be more Selective and start increasing your Rates so you can keep up with all the Work

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