Succeed Despise the Circumstances

You suffered from racial inequality if You've suffered from gender inequality You would be completely justified in the Fact that you are not achieving the Things that other people who didn't have Those disadvantages have achieved and I Say this as a white guy who was born in America to a doctor father I understand That but at the same degree you have the Opportunity that Chris nor I have which Is that you can be an inspiration to People who just went through the same Thing and succeeded comma despite those Circumstances because I can promise that There is somebody who has had it worse And has done it better and I think power Follows the blame finger if you point it To the government the government has the Power if you point it at your spouse and Say like it's their fault that I'm not In shape you're giving them all the Power until you're like it's my fault It's also responsibility what is what if It's not your fault it doesn't matter And

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