Take a Full Tour of My Backyard Home Office – Built at Just $50,000

Take a full tour of their backyard home office – built at just $50,000. Explore the innovative and cost-effective design that has transformed their outdoor space into a productive haven. Discover how they have cleverly utilized every inch of the office to create an inspiring and functional workspace. Join them as they share their journey, from conception to completion, and gain valuable insights into creating your own backyard office oasis. Delve into the exciting details of this remarkable project and be motivated to enhance your work-from-home experience with a budget-friendly backyard office setup.


In this captivating video, Gusten Sun takes us on a full tour of his backyard home office, showcasing how he built his inspiring workspace on a budget of just $50,000. This article provides a comprehensive review of the video, highlighting the equipment used by Gusten Sun and the importance of creating a comfortable and functional home office environment.

The Importance of a Dedicated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is essential for anyone who works from home. Gusten Sun emphasizes the significance of finding a dedicated area in which to work and be creative. He believes that having a separate space helps to create a mental distinction between work and personal life, leading to increased productivity and focus.

Furniture and Equipment

Gusten Sun starts the tour by discussing the furniture and equipment he uses in his home office. He emphasizes the importance of ergonomic furniture, such as his chair and table, to ensure optimal comfort and prevent any potential health issues. Gusten also highlights the need for multiple screens in his line of work, as it allows him to efficiently design and build projects.

Audio Equipment

Moving on to the audio setup, Gusten Sun showcases the microphone and audio interface he uses for recording. He explains how these tools contribute to producing high-quality audio in his videos. By investing in reliable audio equipment, Gusten ensures that his viewers have a seamless and immersive experience.

Video Recording Gear

Gusten Sun impressively demonstrates his video recording gear, including cameras, tripods, and even a teleprompter. With these tools, Gusten is able to capture professional-looking videos with ease. He highlights the importance of having a smooth video setup to enhance the overall production quality.

Lighting Setup

Creating the right ambiance and lighting is crucial for any workspace, and Gusten Sun understands this well. He discusses his lighting setup and how he selects different lighting techniques to create a cozy and inspiring environment. By carefully orchestrating the lighting in his home office, Gusten enhances the mood and aesthetics of his workspace.

Additional Equipment and Personal Touches

Gusten Sun goes the extra mile by showcasing additional equipment and personal touches in his home office. He shares his use of wall panels, which not only enhance the acoustics of the space but also add a touch of elegance. He also displays decorative items that reflect his personality and style. Moreover, Gusten demonstrates storage solutions to maintain a tidy and organized workspace.


Gusten Sun’s backyard home office is a testament to his creativity and resourcefulness. Through this video, he inspires viewers to create their own unique and inspiring workspaces, even with a limited budget. By considering the importance of ergonomic furniture, audio and video equipment, lighting, and personal touches, anyone can build an incredible home office that fosters productivity and creativity.

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