The 10 Best (and worst) Funnel Builders in 2023

What is the best website builder or Funnel builder in 2023 in this video I Want to take a look at 10 of these There's a few of these that I really Like and there's a few that I hate and I Hope you're not using them and then There's a few up and coming that I think Is good for you to know we're also Talking about the pricing so you can Compare them the first one is framers so I want you to think of framer as like Figma where you can design stuff or Sketch or photoshop but then you can hit Publish and just voila you have your Website so if you have a local business Or you just have like a portfolio page Then you can use framework to sort of Showcase work or information but that's More like a website where you have like A digital brochure it's not really great For order form upsell and things of that Nature but one of the things that I like Here if you click edit template and you Say boost your website you say boost Your funnels you can see that it's it's Updating on the iPad and the phone as Well so it's responsive in that sense And I think there's a lot of Customization you can do here but also It comes with a lot of limitations when You build funnels for other people for Example like I do and so let's take a Look at the pricing you can see they Have a free forever and that one has the

Maiden framer attached to it the badge But those are yearly uh let's do monthly 10 20 30. so not expensive let's look at The next one called life funnels life Funnels is a new up and coming platform I actually know the founders of of this Platform they're amazing people and so The tagline is or the headline because You deserve a better funnel platform now They're you know very experienced in E-commerce and so if you take a look at The platform you'll see a lot of like Shopify Vibes to it but like it's modern It's easy to edit some of the struggles With Shopify is that you can't really Customize the pages beautifully without Like custom code and so live funnels Solves that you can choose the theme at Your products and I heard they're coming Out with an update date that will also Have a border store you have the upsell The card the funnel the down sale upsell All of these things that you know you Need in any type of business so not just E-commerce but info as well the pricing Is very low ticket 9.99 and then 49.99 so very affordable there and then You look at the templates like this one For example my store like I said it has This sort of Shopify vibe to it a lot of Things that you know for example click Funnels is kind of harder to to build Out you can do it if you customize a lot Of things but I've heard with

Clickfunnels 2.0 some of these things Are coming as well but then if you Compare to the pricing which we'll get To in a second there's a big difference There so that is live funnels future Looking bright for or light for Life Models I'm sorry uh kick Pages the next One so kick pages I like everything About kick pages except for the editor And I've talked to the founder so They're working on the editor but I Think that the biggest thing that they Have we'll take a look at the pricing Here in a second the biggest thing they Have is the collection called Foundry It's a tool that allows you to basically Let's take AI Builder and let's take a Look at some of the sections that we Might want to use so for example this One right here then we have a block like This or testimonials and all these Different things so now I can either Drag this around here or I can click Build page and then change things there So I can build you know page inside of Cake pages and edit it from there I Think this is good visually to plan the Page and so that is a kick Pages pricing Is monthly from 47 to 97 and 197. next One is system so I actually know the Founder of a system as well I've talked to him a few times and uh Again amazing team so I like the people Behind These platforms I know they're

Working hard on improving the product And kind of looking at what the Community needs the headline here is get The world's easiest all-in-one marketing Platform and what's unique about system Is that it's free forever on one of Their plans so everything that you see Here again I don't really like the Templates here but I know they have Other templates that are more beautiful If you take a look at their template Library but uh one of the things that You know they have is this free plan Where you can have 2 000 emails uh email Contact sorry three funnels five pages Per funnel so 15 in total one blog one Course one community and one Automation And workflow and everything and that's Free so yes you'll have this bad like Built with a but then if you Want to update and upgrade get you know Rid of that is 27. so clickfunnels Launch their 2.0 a while ago still not Fully done and I'm seeing some Frustration from the community about Clickfunnels 2.0 it has a really good Editor though so let me see if we go Into the the platform if I add section And I add a full page column and I add In headline video button it has this Great editor in terms of how fast and Easy it is to use it isn't fully Launched with all the features but it's Out there in the beta it's a little bit

More pricey so 147 a month 197 or 297 Per month for unlimited funnels so a Little bit more pricey which some people I can understand they don't really like That now similarly so the simile is in In there's like a mix between Amazing team and they're very focused on Development that's why you don't see a Lot of marketing but they're also Selling it as a white label solution you Can start a business selling your own Software with your own branding and I Think if you go down here your brain Your domain your platform you can white Label and use this under your brand There's a lot of things that I like About symboli like you can have the blog The website the funnels and everything There's something with the editor that That feels a little bit not clunky it's Fast it's smooth but I guess when you're Used to one then it takes a while to get Used to to a new one so same thing with With all of these platforms it takes Like it has that initial learning curve But similarly great people pricing is Twelve dollars all the way up to 149 so Not bad and then white label you can go From 59 to 199 so that is simply next One is Sam card so Sam card in there Marketing has used a lot of like Throwing rocks at click funnels in the Marketing they're like hey we use a One-page website that's their funnel one

Page website and we sell this much using It you know and it's called Sam card That's their advertisement you know when You look at the page the design is Beautiful it's clean everything looks Great like some of the templates they're They're okay I mean they're good but When you go in and log in and you type And you test the editor and I test all Of these because I'm a coach I'm a Course creator and I teach funnel design And building copywriting all these Things obviously I want to test every Single platform out there Sam carts Editors it feels very like Clunky not like WordPress but still Clunky and old school pricing as far as That goes 59 119 and 299 so nothing Crazy also not something that's like you Wouldn't move there because of the price Because like I said this life funnel System those platforms are way cheaper Go high level obviously has been gaining A lot of traction lately and a lot of The click funnels one or click funnels Classic users instead of going to 2.0 They want to go high level and I I think There's two main audiences that go there So agencies who work with a lot of Clients they like the fact they can have High level as sort of this all-in-one You can have like Is a lot with like the pipeline and Stuff and and calendar and all of these

Things like the lead and Lead forms and All these things that you use as an Agency with local clients and you help Them you know those clients get leads And so it's really like this all-in-one Platform if you go down and check out All of the things that they offer and And like CRM and the booking platform And membership and pipelines and funnels And websites and everything in one place And then you have a lot of people Selling it as a white label as well so You see in fact I have one here called Course creator 360. and so you can see That it has this same sort of vibe to it Like goha level so as a funnel designer And funnel Builder I wish they focused More on the design aspect of not just The home page which it could need a Rebrand but one thing I'll say is if You're in their community on Facebook You know that they constantly update and They communicate with their audience Which some SAS Founders don't they Really like the ghost their Their Audience and their users so at least They're there they're updating they're Working on stuff and communicating with Their audience but in terms of design And branding I think this is if this Feels like a 2019 instead of like a 2023 And then also if you log into the Dashboard it feels kind of old school There as well but maybe that's coming

After you know they say functionality First the sign after So next one we have is kajabi kajabi is Definitely one of the most traditional Mainstream sort of corporate kajabi Obviously started as the course creator Platform added the website builder now They bought a community platform Integrated with kajabi so they're Growing they're taking all these taking Over all these different things it's not Bad but it's not like if you use the Editor to build websites or funnels on It it's just clunky it's just all it's Not there yet and I wouldn't I hate Using it to build anything we do host Our courses on kajabi but we're moving Away to something else which we'll do Another follow-up video based on the Course platforms here in a second Pricing monthly pricing you can see 147 149 sorry 199 399 and then we have I Mean this one Kartra I I don't know man when you look at this You feel like it's an internet marketer From 1999 that built it a launcher Functionality wise it's it's okay it's Not crap But I don't I can't use this what is the Oh there we go there's the video so at Least like try you know try to design Something that's good that's 2023 but

Then also like Groove funnels uh and This is just my opinion so don't sue me Group funnels they focus on design here And it's not perfect but then they Missed the The technical side of actually making it Work a lot of glitches a lot of a lot of Rumors around Groove as well where they Say oh they're leaving the users they're Leaving like there's no development Happening a lot of these things I know My feedback might be you know not Exactly on the building side of things As much as I talk about the company as a Whole but sometimes that's what you need You need to hear the full picture not Just oh it's cheap right like they sold The groove for a lifetime fee when they Launched and um you know I haven't seen A lot of people move over and stay with Them so I think to conclude everything I Think how you can look at softwares and How good they are is look at the user Experience and how long people stick With something and then when they leave Ask them why they left and what they Found why they moved over and what they Really like in that new platform better So for me there's a few winners here I'm very bullish on light funnels long Term I think this has great potential I'm very confident in system that they Can do great things as well I think cake Pages can do great if they update their

Editor and then I think a click funnels If you have more patience you know this Could be I don't know how long but click Funnels too with their budget and their Team I think clickfunnels 2.0 will be Good long term but a lot of people don't Have the patience to wait so they switch To something else and so those are Probably the the biggest ones that I Would say framer maybe if they add the Order form and the upsells and things of That nature comment below which one You're using I'm curious and if you want To learn how we build funnels for Clients and we make money doing that six Figures as a funnel Builder and check Out the link to filter funnel designer Below I'll see in the next video

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