The 3 Levels of Funnel Agency Growth

I still do the stuff that’s been working For forever and i’ve made close to 10 000 this week by just following these Three levels of funnel agency growth [Music] What’s up guys hope you’re doing well Welcome back to another video i just Finished a meeting with scott and pedro We are the team of funnel agency lab and We were going over the three levels of Funnel agency owners and what does this Mean it means as you’re scaling your Business there’s three levels which all Have different tasks or milestones or Schedules they should be having in your Business and so we’re just gonna dive in Here and you can see number one is Beginner number two intermediate and Number three expert and what i mean by That is if i’m looking to start a funnel Agency or if i’m a freelancer maybe and You’re not getting clients so this could Be like from 0 to 10 clients Then this can help you figure out what You should actually be focusing on Number one it’s like social media posts And actually putting yourself out there And i’m not talking about fancy photo Shoots i’m talking about funnels post Your funnels build funnels concept Funnels client funnels free funnels like Whatever it is just start putting out Social media posts your own funnels the Second one is like inbound leads from

There and qualifying them and closing Them and order on boarding them Billing funnels and adding them to your Portfolio getting testimonials asking Them for referrals and then repeat this Process actually i would add a couple More things in here like adding new Friends and growing your organic Audience then we move to stage two which Is intermediate so we have all the Beginner stuff like we don’t stop doing What’s been working like i still do the Stuff that’s been working for forever And i’ve made close to 10 000 this week By just following these three levels of Funnel agency growth so what do we focus On we focus on building your personal Brand we focus on launching your lead Magnets growing your email list and Value-based outreach whether you do Yourself or hire a va for an example i Give you this golden nugget even though It’s mostly for the program i’ll just Share this because i love you Value-based outreach is where you reach Out to people and you say Hey i have a funnel template that i’m Working on here’s an example and uh Would just love some feedback and as a Thank you For checking it out i can give it to you For free that’s a value based outreach Instead of what most people do is they Reach out hey ghostan i saw your funnel

Designer what are you currently Struggling with the most and i’m like I’m not gonna tell you about my Struggles like i don’t even know you And so that’s number two and then the Third building phase is the expert phase And i’ll show you when you stay to the End of this video the big three Differences between these three in terms Of growth the the rest obviously we’re Gonna continue doing that as well as Building out systems and processes Recruiting a players to your team Launching your facebook group but Actually building a community Of like-minded individuals including Your dream clients youtube channel so Like growing organically on autopilot Without having to be there you put out a Video it grows for years again that’s Why this one beginner is about facebook Quick wins get those clients within Weeks right then build out this you take Control of your audience and then expert Is where you build out a team a business You build a real business that functions Without you and scott one of the Partners in funnel agency lab he said it The best he said the big difference Between now and a year ago is a year ago We would get a client then we would stop Posting we would just focus on the Funnel bill and we’d be stuck in growth Right because

We have to fulfill And now with the team the systems i can Basically focus on getting new clients All the time because the system is there The process is there The team is there to fulfill on those Funnels and so he also closed multiple Team client deals this week anyways Launching your youtube channel then done With your offer do-it-yourself offers This is where you can basically start Selling other offers as well and build Out your mobile multiple streams of Income but you can see like we’re not Trying to sell a template bundle before We have 10 clients right Because when you’re a beginner zero to 10 clients you just do this then Intermediate 10 to 30 funnels you want To add these things in here and then you Build a real business and that’s where You get consistent 10k months in fact i Would say here by just doing these two You can also be at ten thousand per Month right because it took me a while To launch my youtube channel and i was Making ten thousand uh twenty thousand Per month before that so basically if we Put this into a timeline of ninety days This is how you can get to ten thousand Per month in 90 days the first 30 days Is all about what about skills becoming Good at building funnels understanding The editor setting the expectations to

Where you know just because you hire us Doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna learn How to build funnels like we’re not Gonna give you a pill that you swallow And then you’re like Money free money coming down like that’s Ludicrous instead we’re gonna build you The right skills and we’re gonna be Patient for 30 days and just build post Those and do the tasks that i was Talking about which is going to make you A better funnel designer right they’re Going to increase your reach going to Help you have more leads a bigger Audience so you have more clients coming To you and then i’m going to help you Close those clients that are coming to You and then day 60 to 90 is all about Systems to help you buy back your time And you know with automation or team i Use more automation some people like you Know hiring people more all depends on Your situation but when you do this you Basically have these three way beginner Stage is where you becoming a funnel Designer stage two is you’re becoming The funnel consultant right now you’re Teaching a little bit like you’re giving Out a free lead magnet you’re giving out A funnel template you know what funnel They need and so you can do sales calls And be like yep here’s what you need i Can do it for you it’s going to be five Thousand three thousand two thousand and

With this growing funnel agency i almost Wanna call it revolution against old School websites Why not you why can’t you start with a Process like this whether you just watch My free youtube videos or you buy photo Funnel designer but i’ll show you in a Second why i’m so confident to offer This to you And like i said stage two consultant Stage three agency build out the systems And actually scale so if we go into this For an example This is the advanced dm closing scripts That everyone get in the program in Full-time fun of the center as well as Funnel agency lab and this is like all The scripts that you should be using to Close people in dms or on calls and then We have different Inspiration for you to you know build Out the funnels like a hundred different Sections so you can just go in and see Okay this is what i should be doing so If you don’t have a portfolio you can Just take a look at this and if you’re Building a funnel for a client just take A look at this get inspired i have the Playbook for exactly what to do when Like we’ve built everything out like the Brand pellets the mock-ups for the Funnels the cover for your social media Profile like if you take a look at this One right right here for example i get

Leads every week from just putting out Content and people go to check out my Profile they see i build funnels all of That good stuff and they reach out to me Because of it so we have templates for Every single thing the funnels that you Post on social media the road maps to Understand what pages to use so if you Have a client that comes to you You’re like i’m not sure what funnel They need well i teach you that i give You the templates and we give you every Single thing So as long as you can just follow this If you can just do simple actions every Single day and stay disciplined and not Spend all your time on netflix not get Caught up in the shiny objects in them Like just focus on these things i’m Telling you It is that simple it may sound too Simple or too good to be true but as We’re trying to simplify our programs Funnel agency lab for an example pedro Me and scott we’re coaching people to Think pay per month you can see it more About us at but These are the funnels that we built Here’s the offer there’s also a Guarantee there but As we’re trying to simplify things we’re Like okay how do we make it super simple So people know exactly what to do and we Just put this together in literally

Like 15 minutes we’re obviously gonna make it Even better for people in the program The paid program this was from the Brainstorming session for for those of You here on youtube And so just want to drop this out there Because the structure the frame the Mindset of like here’s what i do for 30 Days okay that makes sense once i have That i have my portfolio now it’s gonna Be easier to scale because every single Person that i’m talking to i feel Confident knowing like man just look at The funnels here and if you’re not good Yet if you’re not a graphic designer if You don’t identify as a designer i Didn’t either like most people don’t They just want to have a business where They feel creatively fulfilled they’re Doing something they love they don’t Have to go into A workspace with a boss they don’t like And they want to Live in an ever-changing world where no Day is like the next one and i think That’s the best thing with this business With i said you can check out the funnel Agency lab or full-time funnel designer Link is in the description this is also Like this is a steal i’ve been working For two years now to make this the best Funnel design and funnel agency and Copywriting

Program in the industry i don’t know any Other program that’s this in-depth and So if you want to learn what i’m doing This is a great place to start if you Want further coaching more in-depth Coaching hand-holding and you want to Get to that 10k pair mark With three Different funnel agency owners not just Me then go check out fund agency lab Link is in the description that’s it Love you guys keep being awesome and i Will see you in the next video.

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