The best lesson you could EVER learn as a freelancer

This last week inside Pate Pro we had a Private training given by Grace Walker Who is an incredible web designer and There are a ton of things that I learned From this training but there's one thing That stuck out to me more than anything Else and that is how important it is to Be passionate about your clients Projects clients want somebody that Cares as much as they do about their Website about their business and about Their success and so if you can become That type of freelancer if they truly Feel like you're a partner and that you Understand what they need you understand Their pain points and what they want to Get out of this project they're going to Be way more likely to pay you more bring You repeat work and refer you to their Friends and so be passionate about the Work that you're doing this is not just Another check on your to-do list these Are important projects for important People

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Namaste~ My name is Ace and I found these contents SUPA~ Valuable! I apologize for the quality of the transcript... (In case you are curious I used YT EVO plugin to automatically pull these amazing contents) Enjoy!

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